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flying over the Himalayas near Kabul was different

the start of our India visit ....

..... had a welcoming committee near the airport

Davey has a new direction in life

interesting foot traffic

doing business no matter what

a Taj Mahal lookalike

some of the Delhi locals were cute but ....

.... not all

trouble has arrived in India

um, er, hmm, not sure, no thanks

'unhealthy weather' was the forecast for Delhi

traffic was varied

roadside 'shows' were colourful

It was certainly an abrupt change of scenery, temperatures, noise and smells when we arrived in India after our time in Europe but we were ready for the final leg of our travel year.

Our drinking partners from home, John and Gayle, had also arrived so it was all systems go.

A rickshaw ride through the narrow lanes of Old Delhi, once the capital of Islamic India, was exhilarating if not a little scary . Spice markets and shops of every kind crammed the minimal space.

New Delhi, created by the British Raj, had tree lined avenues and grand government buildings that presented a marked contrast to the Old.

The Gandhi memorial, the Jama Masjid great mosque and the 73m high Qutub Minar victory tower were all fascinating as were cows and air quality.

The Jama Mosque can accommodate 25k devotees which thankfully did not occur during our visit.

Security measures were imposed in all situations and armed personnel were everywhere often with shotguns which seemed unusual.

Traffic included cars, busses, trucks, motorbikes, bicycles, goats, pigs, monkeys, dogs, camels, cows, horse carts and people all blending into a colourful 'mess'.

It was hectic but fun and thankfully we had a personal driver to get us around.....safely!

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