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Woolsey fires near Ventura (photos from internet)



After math. Much like we saw along the 101.

I had forgot to mention in my earlier posts about our travels through the Ventura area along Hwy 101.

We were driving the 101 and had noticed many banners hanging from overpasses of thanks to the those who braved the fires that swept through. Shortly after, we began to see the burnt out hills along the highway which continued for miles. Many fires came right up to the 101 and you could see it in the trees that did not survive it. It was just a charred mess.

Our son-in-law, Bob, works for the US Forest Service and is a forest firefighter. Even though he was not involved with these particular fires, he has been a part of others and on July 6th had to fight and save his office in his own Cleveland National Forest. He told us the story of the fire that came yards from his office that he, as District Ranger, had to fight the fire while his team was out on other fires. He had to evacuate two other employees from his office who were not firefighter qualified. Fortunately two volunteer firefighters and there sons were in the area and offered to help. He helped them get suited up and worked with Bob to help contain the area around the building. Very interesting. Lost were 500 acres and the area lost 23 homes but no deaths or serious injuries.

After seeing the devastation this close in the Ventura/Malibu area from the Woolsey Fire, I can only tip my hat to those brave men and say thanks. I hope you would do the same if you are lucky enough to meet one of these brave men.

Last of all, hats off to you Bob....

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