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This is the last full week in LR. In some ways it seems like it was just last week and in other ways I am tired of being here for the last six months. We returned to LR in July and in some ways have been tethered to LR and we have been back so many times...it is time to go. But first there is still a handful of items to take care of this week.

Monday morning I left after Ziva's nature walk and headed for the cleaners. I had two pair of jeans that needed their attention. I was then off to Conway to get some things done to the Canyon while it was still under warranty. I arrived there at 9:00 and was out a little after noon. One item they needed to replace was not in stock, so I will have to be back here Friday morning. Oh well, since it is still free... Then it was off to the bank, by Beth's house and finally by the storage unit. Sue had a full morning of being on the phone. We have decided that our travel to Yuma can get us there by the 20th of December. There are a few open spots so we can check in there when we arrive. So now we have a destination and time to arrive so she started laying out a potential route and places we could lay over for a few days to enjoy the local activities and not arrive in Yuma exhausted. When I got back from Conway, we looked at the schedule and made some tweaks. By then it was warm enough to go outside and hook up water and the gray water drain. Then I picked up twigs and limbs that had ended up around the Bus from the wind storm of Sunday night. At the end of the day we enjoyed the second helping of the beans and cornbread and some Petit Jean Ham slices. Real smart way to stuff yourself since I was going to have to fast to go to the doctor on Tuesday morning.

Tuesday: So we were off at 7:30 to Arkansas Urology for an 8:15 appointment. This is usually a one hour visit. That would leave time to go through a drive in to grab breakfast on the way to my 10:15 knee doctor appointment. We finished at the urology clinic at 10:35. So a quick drive to Bowen Hefley and wait for them to work me back in to the schedule. We got to see the APN and he could not tell me why I have the pain in my recently operated-on knee. They took X rays...nothing. Next we scheduled a Dopler ultra sound, so it was off to Arkansas Surgical Hospital to get in line for this test. We did run through Back Yard Burger for me to grab my favorite...a blackened chicken sandwich...while Sue drove. After we got checked in and were waiting, Sue went to their grill area and had a quick lunch. I came out of the test just as she arrived back in the waiting room so we were off to the Bus. Ziva was really glad to see us and really enjoyed the walk. Then it was back to Bus to rest. We had dinner plans with our friends James and Susan. We left in time to meet them at Chuy's at 5:30. We ate and talked, ate some more and talked even more and finally left about 7:30. Great to see them again. Then it was back to the Bus. A little television and bedtime was before 11:00.

Wednesday: I was up a little after 6:00 to get ready for another fasting morning and doctors visit. My annual check up with my GP. Surprising to me I was in fair shape...except for being overweight. I finished up with blood work and something messed up so they got two vials from each arm. Yuk!!! Then it was off to Waffle House for a breakfast I really needed. Then back to the Bus. Sue had been taking care of several items and we then called and checked on my Medicare Drug plan. We had not heard from them since we had applied. We had to change plans for me this year as the old plan will no longer cover some of my diabetes medication. Well it only took 45 minutes but we finally found out I had been approved and the packet has been mailed to me. We spent some time getting items together that need to go to the storage unit and a list of items we need to bring back. Then we were off. We grabbed lunch at Chic-fil-A and headed to Conway. We stopped by Lowe's and then headed for the storage unit. All the items we needed to take in were taken in. The items that were coming out were brought out. Then we started on loading the bicycles. We needed to bring the bikes to LR on the old bike rack so we can install the new bike rack on the Bus and load the bikes. Then it was back by Beth's to pick up more packages and mail. We visited with Beth for a while. Jeff's mother is in Baptist hospital and Beth had been there a great part of the day. It is really tough on Jeff. We will remember him in our prayers. Then we headed back to LR and the Bus. All of the stuff was unloaded. Sue then fixed scrambled eggs with ham and toast for dinner. It was great. She then took Ziva on her last walk and I covered the bicycles.

Tomorrow morning early the bicycles come off the back of the Canyon and get put on the Bus, and we take the Canyon to the Hitch Shop to install a new Roadmaster disconnect, which they sent to us to replace the one that is apparently defective. Shane at the Hitch Shop will also verify the condition of the baseplate and other items. This is where we wanted the items installed originally but the main guy we wanted to do it was off with an injury. So now, he gets to reinstall the disconnect and check all the rest. Then we plan on coming back to work on the bike rack and the new tow bar and all that neat stuff...and in 70 degree weather. Then Thursday night is our annual brothers dinner in Bryant. We are looking forward to seeing all of them. It should be a good time...

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