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Today was Denny’s birthday so the gang of eight (Denny & Jackie, Mike & Marian, Jim & Karen, and Marilyn & I) had a plan to share a meal at “Lone Star BBQ”. We had a great time with constant bantering back & forth. One of the objects of our fun was our hero of the day, Denny. Denny is so much fun to be with. He reads and speaks no Spanish at all so it is funny when we all go to Mexico together. Once in a while Denny will spout a bunch of “jibberish” which he injects into any conversation where Spanish might be spoken.

With this in mind, Marilyn & I purchased for Denny a card with all Spanish writing. In very small print on the back of the card it explains in English the verse written in Spanish on the front and inside of the card.

Denny opened the envelope, removed the card and with his best “Deer in the headlights” look, exclaimed loudly a string of non-words “jibberish”. We were all laughing when Denny handed the card to our waitress, who was of Mexican descent, and asked her to please read the card to him. When she read the words on the card as they were written, in perfect Spanish, we all cracked up.

The waitress’ were having as much fun as we all were, and soon had music playing with the “Happy Birthday” song in Spanish. She then asked Denny if he would like to hear it in Japanese.

The food was very good and the fun made us all determined to return to this place again. The grapefruit pie was good, as was the strawberry pie and the peach cobbler. We all waddled a bit when we left. LOL

Marilyn & I drove over to Denny & Jackie’s place to visit for a while and again enjoyed our time together. It was a wonderful day in the company of good friends and all I have to say about that is: Life is Good!

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