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This is the 180th entry of the year. Amazing I have had so much to say...Before I detail the last four days, let me say...there is a front coming through Little Rock this evening with winds up to 40 mph. Sustained winds are in the 25 mph range and the temperature has dropped from 65 around 4:00 p.m. to 37 degrees here just before 10:00 p.m. Too cold. The wind chill is around 27 degrees. This means WE hear Yuma calling. We are hoping that the crown on the 3rd will be our last medical stop. If so, we are southbound on the 4th. We have concluded that we are not prepared to spend the Arkansas winters in the motorhome. Tomorrow we start to find out what is available in Yuma about a week before Christmas. The high today in Yuma was 75 degrees. Their projected cool day over the next 15 days is about 65 degrees. Sounds a whole lot warmer. So...that is our goal...to get there as soon as reasonably possible. We will head south and then west on I - 10. That will allow us to get as far south as possible before we head to Arizona. Going on I - 40 would take us through Flagstaff where they have ski resorts. South...South...South is the best route.

For a quick look back at the last four days:

Thursday we were up and in Conway about noon. Sue and Beth spent the rest of the afternoon getting everything finished and ready for our Thanksgiving dinner. Jeff and I may have watched a little football and catnapped a little. Haley and her family arrived around 5:00. We ate soon after...and ate a little more until all were filled. The food was great. We had a smoked turkey from Burge's and it was good. All the side dishes were great. After the dishes were done we were all pleasantly miserable in Beth's living room. Noah arrived and for a while all the families were there in one room, carrying on about five different conversations and it was a great time of togetherness. It was one of those times that grandparents cherish. Soon we knew that we were going to get sleepy and it was time for all to go. Hugs and more hugs until we left. Haley and family are heading out to Fayetteville on Friday to attend the basketball game. Noah was going with some friends to an early Black Friday run and we headed for the Bus. To the Bus and to bed. The new bed sleeps good.

I was up on Friday and had breakfast before Ziva's walk. The park is almost full with folks and dogs everywhere. We watched a lot of Friday football and the Razorbacks (not sure that was football) and capped that off with the Hog basketball game. We were still able to get a little more football in before bedtime...including the snowy game up in Washington.

Saturday was football all day long. Game Day started at 8:00 a.m. and we turned off the last game around 11:00 p.m. Early in the day I ran a birthday card out to my uncle Ed. Saturday was his 86th birthday. I spent about an hour visiting with him. He had planned to come to the Bus and visit but the weather has been so yukky he has not been able to come out. Then back to the Bus for football. I was able to spend part of the afternoon watching football while sitting outside. For part of the time I had Ziva outside with me on her long leash ( 26 foot retractable ). Not long before I came in she took off after a squirrel. I had a good hold on the leash but she had so much momentum she flipped my chair over and I tumbled over backwards, missing the picnic table and loosing grip on the leash. Apparently it made enough noise for Sue to hear and come running out to check on the commotion. By the time she got to me I was rolling around trying to get up so she headed out for Ziva, who was prowling around the tree where she had seen the squirrel. Sue gathered her up and came back to check on me again. I was up by then trying to get my bearings and being thankful I did not bust my head on the picnic table. I decided it was time to move into the Bus and get on the couch. I knew it was not going anywhere. More football and left over Pizza Hut pizza, wings, breadsticks and cinnamon rolls. And more football. So off to bed with visions of yellow penalty flags flying in our dreams.

Sunday started off with a few rigs pulling out early. I was getting around so I could make it to church. I was taking Ziva for her walk and ran into Charlie, our favorite mobile tech. His group installed the towing equipment on the Canyon and the one that Crain GMC had been talking with during our recent issues. He came over and I brought him up to speed on our problem and the proposed resolution. By the time I had him up to speed and we looked at the install they had done, I missed going to church. One more chance before we leave town. The rest of the day was just take it easy until all the folks leaving the park were out. Then we unhooked the Bus and took it to the dump station. Eleven days worth of black tank (83% full), so we needed a dump stop. It was 65 degrees and the wind was starting up with a vengeance. It was blowing so hard it was making the Arkansas River whitecap...downstream. Leaves were going in all directions. By the time we got the Bus back to our spot the wind was really howling and the temperature had dropped to 59. It took about 20 minutes to get everything hooked up outside but I had to add a sweater to make sure I did not get unbearably cold hooking all the outside cords and hoses. Awnings did not go back out and we just hunkered down to wait out the wind. Sue had cooked beans and cornbread and she added some fried potatoes to this and we had a great dinner. Around 8:00 we lowered the satellite dish as we were having wind gusts over 40 mph. We are now watching some recorded movies and getting ready for bed.

I am off to Crain GMC tomorrow morning to get some warranty items taken care of while I still have warranty. Sue will spend some time talking to Yuma to determine when we can get in there earlier than we have scheduled. Then we can start determining the travel part of our schedule so we get there without wearing ourselves out and have some flexibility against the weather. So a lot to report in the next few days as I have three more doctors visits this week and the doctor of our tow vehicle Thursday. I hope by Friday all is well and we are making plans to leave the next week...BUT...we will see.

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