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Tony after he and Tam returned from their laps

Some last minute instructions

On our way

We’re back

All over

Now to get out of the car

Us on the track

25/11/2018. Sunday. Warm, cloud cover, sunny

Coburg, Sandown race course

Hazel decided she needed a quiet day at home today. Ron, Ian and I went to Sandown racecourse for the Porsche Presidents Day, when members could invite family and friends and could only drive on the track if they had a passenger in their car. Tony was just coming in from laps with Tam, who looked very comfortable and happy. Tony looked the real deal in his racing suit and helmet. We met and chatted with their friends who had the most gorgeous little 3 year old boy.

There are strict conditions attached to being a passenger, and a waiver to be signed. Unfortunately because of his heart surgery earlier this year, Ian was unable to go on the track, but their friend went for a drive with Tony before lunchtime. After lunch, it was my turn! I had been through the nervous stage, then butterflies, but thought that I could do it, and I wanted Tony to be proud of me. So helmet on, buckled into the car and off we went. Tony had said he wouldn’t go flat out and if I wanted him to slow down or bring me back to the pits, to let him know. I trusted him. It was thrilling, especially when I saw the speedo reach 241kph. There were a few twists and turns, and I was starting to feel motion sickness, but kept breathing deeply and we did 4 laps then the cool down lap. This was something I’d never thought of doing, and I’m glad I did it, but probably wouldn’t do it again, as my tummy didn’t like it. A couple of hours after, I was still not feeling quite myself. But thank you Tony.

Home to Hazel who looked quite relaxed. We had nibbles then a lovely dinner which Tam had sent home with us last night of spring rolls and wonton soup.

Today has been the best since we’ve been in Melbourne and the sun was shining and blue sky this afternoon. We were even able to eat outside.

Sorry folks, but the photos are about me today!!

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