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Pview of the Sculpture Symposium from outside the gate

Two toros fighting it out on the hill alongside thepark

This harpist was the first sculpture inside the gates

Another variation on Cyclops

Donkeys are a very popular motif inCyprus

Entreaty, Zorbas The Greek (Cyprus 2015)

Dialogue (Italy 20??}

The only interactive sculpture I noticed on the site

A wind god influencing the success of a journey

This crazy fiqure may tie-in to the Viking bridge but I’m not...


Centaur (Ukraine 2015)

The Winds (Belgium 2016) front view

The Winds (Belgium 2016) side view

The Visitors of Astartis (Cyprus 2017) - i like the sleepyhead

The Protector Winged Lion (Peru 2016)

An interesting work of visual tension

What a difference light from the other side van make

If it’s cattle I have to take a picture

This Viking ship sculpture is the bridge between two large sculpture areas

Hippopatamus (Cyprus England 2016)

Cyclops (Albania 2016)

Sailing - The Journey (Italy 2016)

Dream (Armenia 2016)


A mermaid totem

A modern looking dress

Odysseus is Relaxing (Italy 2017)


A sphinx

Wish I’d taken the title photos from the very start of the...





A boy with a chicken

Fragment (Russia 2016)

Temptation (Russia 2016)

It’s not a sculpture, or is it? It’s the nearby Bus stop


Pegasus (Ukraine 2015)

The Owl (Albania 2016)

The Minotaur & The Bird (Peru 2016)

On the way back to Larnaka from our short hike to Cyclops’ Cave we stopped to check out an attraction that caught our eye from the highway on the drive out.

The only information about it in the Agia Napa International Sculpture Park in the Cyprus tourism booklet is that 16 sculptures were created by local and foreign artists during sculpture symposiums held 1999-2001. That information is way out of date - there are now over 50 artworks on site now. We even saw one sculptor in the process of creating another..

This free open-air museum on a hillside overlooking the Mediterranean Sea. The diverse themes, styles and materials used by the modern creators served to further enhance my appreciation for the artistry and workmanship of the Greek and Roman sculptors who’s work we saw in Athens.

It’s a huge site and I left with the thinking “Why can’t Edmonton have nice things like this?” I do love my home town’s snow sculptures and ice carving competitions, but something permanent would be nice too.

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