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Aphrodite’s Trail is out on Cape Greko at number 31


The path to Aphrodite’s Bath took is through a botanical garden

That big smile was before he realized skinny dipping was prohibited


Aphrodite’s Bath is a small grotto shaded by a fig tree

Sisters on the movr

The first view of the sea when the trail meets the cliffs

There were a few cairns at one spot on the approach trail

Balancing rocks are more often found on beaches so the tide knocks...

This 500 year old Oak marks the junction where the Aphrodite and...

Boys to the left

Girls to the right

Ruins of Pyrgos tis Rigainas - Tower of the Queen where the...

Ruins of Pyrgos tis Rigainas - Tower of the Queen where the...

View of the Aphrodite Trail as we begin the “push” to the...

A friendly kid and its momma welcomed us at the summit

The view from the summit to the end of the peninsula

Pretty framing of the sea from the summit

Looking back from the summit to where we had parked

Look uphill from our descent trail

The early part of the descent was low-angle rocky switchbavks

Descent trail

Decent trail

Descent view

After all the poo on the summit I was pleased to get...

More wildlife

Looking below us from a lower traverse of tne hill on the...

A trailside shrine in the shape of a Byzantine church

We enjoyed a beer at typical blue-and-white taberna at the end of...

First time I’ve seen a pink car that wasn’t a Mary Kay...

A clever product placement advertisement - at the foot of tbe trail

The Greek word for exit is unsurprisingly exodus

Legend has it that the Goddess Aphrodite was born in the sea off Cyprus and later spent time on the island with her lover Adonis. So much here is named for the goddess that if the phone book were like my home town’s there are surely even listings that spell it as AAAphrodite’s (pizza, hair salon, car repair) just to be in the front pages.

Our drive from Paphos out to the Akamas Peninsula ascended through dry, hilly terrain that reminded me very much of the Kamloops area in British Columbia. It only flattens out again very near the seaside resort town of Polis.

The peninsula is the westernmost and least-inhabited part of Cyprus and the area offers a great many walking options through the Akamas Forest.

We chose the Aphrodite/Adonis Trail combination as the terrain and distance/time details for these two options were appropriate for splitting up our travelling group of four.

The trail head starts at a botanical garden. Once in to the gates we took a pretty, paved walkway to small pool of water known as the Bath of Aphrodite. From there we exited the garden and followed a nature trail up and inland through the pine forest.

About an hour later, the nature trail splits into the Aphrodite Trail and the Adonis Trail. It’s a pretty spot, this junction, with a 500-year-old oak tree, an old stone fountain and the foundational ruins of Pyrgod tis Regina (Tower of the Queen).

The Aphrodite Trail continues to the 370m peak of Moutti tis Sotiras. From there it begins a steeper switchback descent that provides stunning views out over Chrysochou Bay. Car to car, it was a 7.9 kms walk.

On the drive back, we took a detour up to the hill town of Dhrousha. The old stone buildings were as pretty as one might expect. Lending much to the charm of the place was our coming upon two elderly yiayias (Greek for grandmothers) in their traditional black dress and black lace headscarves as they walked slowly along the narrow street. Then, not two minutes later, we drove past an Greek Orthodox priest talking to someone outside the town’s stone church.

The drive continued through hillside farms that were every bit as terraced as those we have seen in China. Before descending we had great views of the broad valley which was dotted with farm houses.

Really gorgeous non-strenuous walking day. For a tougher option I suggest doing the Aphrodite Trail in the opposite direction we did it - and then after descending from the summit continuing along the Adonis Trail for a combined distance of approximately 12 kms.

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