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Enjoying Dim Sims from South Melbourne Markets

The best place to buy Dim Sims

Ron getting ready for his ride in Tony’s Porsche

Hazel after her ride

3 rev heads

We all got new hats

Chef Tony

24/11/2018. Saturday. Cold, wet

Coburg, Melbourne

It was very cold when we got up this morning - and rain of course. Hazel and Ron went to Northlands Shopping Centre while we waited here for the brother of friends to visit. About 11.30 Hazel and Ron returned, our visitor left and we drove to the South Melbourne Markets where Ian, Hazel and Ron had dim sims and I had a vegetable pastie for lunch. Hazel and Ron said it was worth coming to these markets for the dim sims - Ian already knew that!

We went from the markets to our Tony & Tam’s house where we were having dinner - but first things first - Ian drove Tony’s Porsche with Tony a passenger, then Tony took Hazel first then Ron, for a spin. They all loved it, as I knew they would. Hazel was pretty impressed!

We ‘grazed’ on Spring Rolls and chicken and pork Wonton Soup which Tam had made and was delicious as we knew it would be, while Tony finished cooking dessert and main course. We had lamb shoulder roast which Tony buys from a restaurant all ready to go into the oven, roast sweet potato and pumpkin with a special yoghurt dressing, mixed greens, baby carrots and cauliflower au gratin. The lamb was so tender it fell off the bone and you would swear it was slow cooked, but it wasn’t. The chocolate dessert was delicious, although Tony wasn’t very happy with it. He’s a superb cook and didn’t want to ruin his reputation. It’s still intact.......

We looked at some photos of their wedding and honeymoon just over a year ago which were lovely to see, then time to say goodbye. We had planned to go to Sandown tomorrow for a Porsche club meeting but Tony is really not well, and may consider not going - although he probably will. But we said goodnight and goodbye and see you in the new year. I just hope he gets better soon - he never listens to his mother when he’s not well.........

The day cleared up and there was even some sun for a little while. Maybe tomorrow will be better.

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