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The Cyprus hills make for a gorgeous roadtrip

I would love to return and see the feilds and flowers is...

I think this is the first grapefruit tree I have seen

The sign at the Aphrodite’s Rock Microbrewery

The tables in the pub must get very busy in summertime

The five craft beers from Aphrodite’s Rock Microbrewery

We shared one paddle between the four us as it was still...

A beer for every taster and they brew ciders too

This village square was our second stop on the roadtrip

Vicki trying to spin straw into gold

Silkworm cocoons still on the twigs after being collected from fields

Washed cocoons arethen unwound by hand before being spun into multi-strand threads

This weaver and her mother strive to keep the tradition alive

Back on the higheay and higher into the hills

More incredibly scenic hills and dales

Silly me, I thought only Asia had terraced farmland

I’m told spinning silk is very thirsty work

This made me smile - don’t often find my Mom’s name on...

Almonds preserved in a wine “fruit leather” is a special Cyprus sweet

The wines were dry and the hawthor ne jelly sweet

Entry to Chrysorogiatissa Monastery

The cloisters of Chrysorogiatissa Monastery

The cloisters of Chrysorogiatissa Monastery

The chapel doorway in the Chrysorogiatissa Monastery

The iron rich soil provides bold colouring



Having missed lunch at the monestary we returned to Paphos very hungry

To get out of town once more we followed a day-trip route out of Paphos as suggested by Lonely Planet. Our first stop was Aphrodite’s Rock Brewery. Here we enjoyed a “paddle” of five beer samples. The four of us agreed we liked the variation named Octoberfest best and that, of course, is what was taken back to the apartment to enjoy later.

Next we stopped in the little village of Fyti which is recognized for its variety and colours of weaving since medieval times. It was underwhelming. My sister Vicki tried her hand on a spinning wheel. Alas, she did not have the magic of Grimm Brothers’ fairytale character Rumpelstiltskin to help her spin straw into gold. Or perhaps it was because she was spinning from silk cocoons, not straw.

Next, the Lonely Planet routed us up past the Asprogia Kannavio Dam to the family run Vouni Panayia Winery under the Troodos mountains. The wines are produced from indigenous varieties of grapes. We tried three reds, which I found too dry for my taste, and two sweet dessert wines.

Our final stop was a monastery founded in 1162 and dedicated to “Our Lady of the Golden Pomegranate”. LP recommended the it (Chrysorrogiatissa Monastery) as a lunch stop, but as it was 3pm we were too late. Instead we snacked on some peanut & sesame brittle from the roadside stall.

Disappointed, and quite hungry, we decided to follow the route directly back to Paphos rather than hunt for somewhere else to eat.

We wouldn’t have had much choice anyway, as it turned out. The drive continued through the hill country, including along a high ridge with beautiful valley views on either side.

We reached an elevation of 911m before beginning our 34 km descent back to Paphos by the sea- some places at a grade of 12 per cent.

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