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View from Tingri of the beast and Cho Oyo

Me feeling rough as

Sunset over Tingri

In deepest Tibet, I find one of the filth Chuddly.

Sheep anyone?

Everest, Mike and Lhoze

Tibetan riding bareback with Lhoze and Cho Oyo in the background

The locals catching some rays

Kids at play

The sun begins to go down over Tingri

Thursday 13th October

Had precisely no sleep and the altitude started kicking and making me feel all crap again. I got up to checkout the sunrise but bailed on that as it was too cold, not worth losing a digit or two for. Then Sonar got up and started up the fire, sorted me out a treat the feet and fingers came back to life slowly, but the stomach pains were really beginning to kick in.

We jumped on horse cart back down to Rongbuk and caught a bus back down to meet Sani. We travelled 3 hours off road to get to Tingri, I was feeling rough as and we had to stop several times for me to go do some business up in the mountains somewhere (getting real used to doing my business outside now), I swear it was that pot noodle, smelt real dodgy at the time.

Hit the GH in Tingri and I could nt go anywhere but the toilet and even ended up puking too, I was in a right state, had a few people walk in on me in the bog, they dont mind having zero privacy round these parts, like no door on the hole in the floor squatting toilet, great fun. Found out from me Pa that England topped the group, which was about the only good thing that came out of that day, well bar leaving the -7 accomadation.

Friday 14th October

Mike got stitched up up by the driver that was going to take him to the Nepali border so old Sani had to take him in the end, which meant another night and day to try and pass in Tingri were there is precisely nought to do. Started taking some pills Matt gave me which seemed to stop the toilet thing which was good but still felt rough as, ended up playing this Jewish card game called Yanev most of the day but did get some lush Jioazi from over the road. Started to stink a bit today no shower for a while now, plus havent changed my clothes in 5 days, or taken them off fro 3, nice.

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