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We were the last to leave the free camp at Kyneton

22/11/2018. Thursday. Cold and wet and colder!!

Kyneton to Coburg, Melbourne

We woke to a freezing morning with rain falling - can’t remember feeling this cold. Ron said it was 6 degrees but felt like 3. Couldn’t argue with that! Bitter Victorian weather. Last night there were only 3 other vans/motor homes at the free camp, so plenty of spare spots.

Hazel and Ron went to Craigeburn to check out where their caravan was made and we came on to Coburg Big 4 Caravan Park in Melbourne. We arrived just after lunch and Hazel and Ron a few hours later. There are 2 German lads camped behind us in a whizz-bang, who are here on a 12 month work visa. Apparently if they work for a certain number of days, their visa can be extended. We feel a bit sorry for them as we’ve had quite a lot of heavy showers and it’s bitterly cold, but it doesn’t seem to bother them - short sleeves and sitting under the lift up back of their van - oh to be young again! Not that we have ever done anything like that, but what great opportunities the young ones have today.

It’s nice to have power and use the air con to heat the van and turn the electric blanket on before we hop into bed.

This would have to be the worst weather of our holiday.

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