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Greek style statue of the Egyptian goddess Isis-Tyche-Pelagia 1st -2nd c AD

Egyptianized statue of Antinoos from the sanctuary of Isis at Marathon, Greece

Wooden sarcophagi for mummified cat and baboon

Cat mummy

Cat mummy

Wood and copper alloy sarcophagus for mummified snake

Wooden funerary stelae depicing the deceased and mortuary dieties

Wooden sarcophgus and mummy of Hapi with gilt mask 304-150 BC

Detail of Hapi’s gilded funerary mask

Cartonage (like papier mache) of priest Nespakashouty 1070 BC - 664 BC

Detail of Nespakashouy’s cartonage aka mummy case

Wooden sarcaphagus


Alabaster canopic (human organ) jars of priest Iahmes

Beaded net cover for a linen mummy shroud cover with protective blue...

Funerary adornments

A gold and lapis lazuli neck chain

Funerary stele

Funerary stele of the deceased Khenit with her son

Such Such a statue in a grave was believed to ensure continued...

Small part of 1 of 700 statues that decorated the funerary temple...

Statue of the god Thoth in the form of a baboo

The god Horus was often depicted as a man with the head...

Copper alloy statuette of the god Apis as a sacred bull

May be the goddess Hathor but she usually has a sun disk...

Granite cow with the cartouche of Pharaoh Ramesses II 1290-1224 BC

As a fan of Egyptian religion/mythology I was pleasantly surprise to find a small gallery of Egyptian artifacts in a Greek museum. So, here’s some history that provides context as to why it exists.

When Alexander the Great conquered Egypt in 332 BC the priests of the Egyptian god Amun “recognized” him to be a son of the god. He founded the city Alexandria in 331 BC, and he made Greek the official language. After him, Greeks ruled over Egypt until the death of the last Queen Cleopatra VII - who was a Greek herself - in 30 BC. She’s the famous beauty who had affairs with Caesar and Mark Antony, and committed suicide by poisoning herself,

After Cleopatra’s death Egypt was annexed as a province of Greece. The result is a mixed style of religiousness and creative art which drew from both cultures.

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