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ancient Girona was a great town ....

...... with many colourful buildings .....

...... and narrow cobbled streets

"do we really need another pot?"

a 2km walk along the castle ramparts was fun

Girona had plenty of steps because of its varying levels ....

..... which required interesting housing designs

From Barcelona to Girona we picked up a gorgeous mountain road for most of the way and although a little narrow it was a great drive. Traffic was light but we did have to share our lane with oncoming vehicles on a few occasions which added to the fun.

Girona was perfect for us. Not too big, not too busy, a great ancient old town and a comfy hotel although it did have a few too many bag shops.

The old town was very interesting with a fortified wall that was fun to walk along. The maze of cobbled streets and lanes could easily get you lost but somehow we managed to find our way out.

Rain showers did not prevent us from having a great lunch under an umbrella in the town centre.

This had been a nice stopover, our last in Spain.

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