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Clinton Presidential Center

Clinton Oval Office Replica

Cabinet Room Replica

Presidential Limousine

Downtown Little Rock From Pedestrian Bridge

Little Rock Central High School

Mobile Station @ LRCHS As It Looked in 1957

Well, this is it. Today was my last day of touristy stuff. Tomorrow I head for Bonnie and Greg’s for Thanksgiving w/ a stop tomorrow night in Oxford Alabama which is east of Birmingham. I then finished up on Sunday. Each of those legs is a bit over 6 hours. Should be home by next Saturday.

Was at the William J Clinton Presidential Center today at 9 when they opened. Of course, they had an introductory film and then there was a volunteer docent led tour if you were interested. I don’t recall this being an option at any of the other museums so I did take the tour. It lasted about an hour and 15 minutes. Like the sightseeing tours it was nice to have someone to fill in some of the info you wouldn’t get going through just on your own. For example, there is a 4,000 square foot apartment on the top of floor of the building which is where the Clinton’s stay when they come to town. The guide also talked about the building itself which is LEED Platinum Certified and does look a bit different than the others I’ve been through. He then basically took us through the exhibits talking briefly about each one. After the tour I went back through the exhibits to view them in more detail. Most of the museums are designed to more ore less guide you through the different displays. This one was like one long room on 2 floors w/ alcoves on various topics. It also had exterior windows that let in natural light which I liked. You had a nice view of downtown Little Rock and the Arkansas River. Spent a little time in a temporary exhibit where they had built a tiny house and talked about sustainable housing. Took a short lunch break but was there until about 2:30. As I had mentioned in an earlier post, this was my 11th presidential museum out of the 13 official ones administered by the National Archives and Records Administration. The only 2 I haven’t been to are FDR in Hyde Park New York and JFK in Boston which is kind of ironic since those are closest to where I live. Probably will plan a road trip some time next year to knock out those remaining 2.

Next left my car parked where it was and took a bike ride on the Arkansas River Trail. There is a pedestrian bridge over the river right at the Clinton Library so I took that over and back then rode up the river on the downtown side. Coming back I took one of the streets through town just to get a flavor for the place. There is an amphitheater along the river which seems as if it would be a nice venue for summer concerts. It can be accessed from their downtown River Market District which is an entertainment district.

Got back to the car about 4:45 and I was losing daylight fast. One other place I wanted to at least swing by was the Little Rock Central High School which was the sight of the Little Rock 9 incident in 1957 when they tried to integrate the school. Snapped a few pictures and it got dark fast after that. Hit some traffic on the interstate but got back to the hotel around 5:30.

Since my time at Bonnie and Greg’s is going to be primarily R&R, I probably won’t be posting any more journal entries over the next week or so but will do one final entry when I return home next week.

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