We arrive at Thousand Trails The Oaks Point South

Though it rains almost every day we get out in it...

Our site, #42 we don't setup all the goodies, if it's a...

We love walking around the two lakes, so much to see

In the fall, the changing leaves and the still waters make one...

The drooping of Spanish Moss yells to us, "You're in the South".

We arrive for our Carriage tour at the Old South Carriage...

driver and horse wait for a tour

This boy is the one for our tour

Look for the red sash, this is Mike our tour guide

The old St. Paul’s Church

Virtually all the streets are narrow and tree lined. Not RV friendly!

Pretty side yard of a mansion as we pass by

Mansion with formal entrance and ....

Informal entrance, if it’s open just come in and say hi...note: the...

This fella is a Tourist Police officer, he makes sure the carriage...

One of the unique homes

This is Battery Park at White Point

This is Battery Park at White Point

This is Battery Park at White Point

Here is a great sample of formal entrance and informal gate.

Beautiful home.

Doors open, accepting guests?

Beautiful home

We pop in for lunch at the 82 Queen

Walk down the breeze way for lunch....

That tells, how she like the lunch at 82 Queen

Thought the breeze way was interesting.

All the mansions have terrific gardens

Another interesting breeze way

Fabulous home

Some of the mansions at Battery Park at White Point

Some of the mansions at Battery Park at White Point

A few of the homes on Rainbow Row

We meet Mr. Frogg, but it’s time to hop home.

The drive directly north on Interstate 95 was only 150 miles and the coming rain waited until we were totally setup.

We were eager to setup and take our walk around the park. But, what we had trouble with, was waiting for time to pass, so we could take the 1/2 mile walk through the woods, around the lakes to the nearby KOA park. It has a Hunt Bro's Pizza kitchen, wine tasting and a great beer refrigerator! We really like having dinner there, and so like Pavlov's dogs we drool and slobber just at the suggestion of going.

While here we realized that it had been quite a few years since our last visit to the city of Charleston. One day we struck out to spend the whole day. Charleston has a beautiful downtown area. Our first stop was at the Visitors Center, where we purchased discounted tickets for a horse drawn carriage ride through downtown. There are no trolley tours here only carriage. It was explained to us, that the motive was to keep the heritage. From the visitors center we caught a free city bus to the downtown, it deposited us within a block of the Old South Carriage. By the way, the tickets for an hour and half ride was only $22 each, Senior Discount. We soon were directed to board our carriage being drawn by a beautiful horse, and driven by Mike. We chose this company for several reasons, first and foremost, we had knowledge that their horses (Belgians and Bergerons) were former Amish working farm horses, secondly, their ethics and care for their horses. If interested, look for the Red Sash. Now they work the streets for only 3 days out of ten, the other 7 days they lounge at a country estate with their own veterinarian taking care of them.

Mike told us about historical aspects of the old city and some of the social details of southern behavior. For instance, in the pictures you'll see here of some homes with a door on the sidewalk, that's the formal entrance. If you don't know the family real well this is where you knock or ring the bell. However, if the side gate is open they'll receive you informally through that entrance. We love the old south architecture, and found several of the neatest homes for sale and quite a few being refurbished. Mike told us if you live in the old neighborhood you should get used to the noise of builders and handymen sawing, hammering and banging. So many are being remodeled. After the carriage ride, we walked the 5 blocks to a restaurant, the 82 Queen. We were prepared to taste the southern favorites. We ordered a shrimp with cheesy grits and a Jambalaya along with a couple "adult beverages". Wow! We were totally impressed and pleasantly filled. A three hour walk around town helped us feel better about our full tummy's.

Then came time to leave this beautiful city behind and head back to the coach.

Next stop, the kids RV spot near Augusta.

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