Map showing you the relationship of St. Mary's and Cumberland Island

The NPS has a museum and a tour office in St. Mary's

We find the submarine museum, very neat.

Submarine museum

About the museum costs and hours.

Dave tries his hand at the periscope display

many models of submarines

Then we found the NPS museum

sample of transportation on Cumberland Island

Didn't know about this, did you?

One of the many fine homes of St. Mary's

One of the many fine homes of St. Mary's

We meet the NPS Ranger for a safety briefing before boarding the...

We're warned that there aren't restrooms convenient, take plenty of water, stay...

here we go

The ferry boat that takes folks over to the island, a 45...

map of Cumberland Island

And we arrive for a days walk about

the shoreline of the island

These folks camped on the island for the weekend, now ready to...

All the trails are sand and beautiful

Lets walk and explore, never what is on down the trail

we found the Atlantic ocean beach

There were 5 fishing trollers catching tomorrows shrimp dinner

Our wanderings brought several types of birds

We found a cemetery and explore

Major-General Henry "Light-Horse Harry" Lee III (January 29, 1756 – March 25,...

some of the many wild horses, they ARE NOT friendly

Keep your distance

Former entrance to one of the several Mansions of the Carnegie Family

View of a former mansion

View of same former mansion

Cruisers anchored in line for tours

Inside the Island Queen

St. Mary's is a cute and quaint little town. We ended up making three trip to it for different purposes, touring, walking, and meals at the several eclectic restaurants. There are two museums in town, one is a private museum honoring the submariners who have passed through Kings Bay Sub Base and another educating us about the uniqueness of Cumberland Island National Shoreline.

Cumberland Island was once a thriving community with several hundred people living and working there. The famously rich Carnegie family was attracted to it as a vacation spot from the city life. Over time, the Carnegies bought up plots and acres, then developed and built homes (mansions) for their children. Only one of the original mansions still exist and is open for touring, while the others are used as Park Service offices or are in such bad shape they can't be habited. To get to Cumberland Island National Seashore one must check into the Park Service office and purchase a pass for $10, free for senior pass holders, and a separate charge of round trip fare on the ferry, about $29 each.

Among the many other things we found on the island was that Major-General Henry "Light-Horse Harry" Lee III (January 29, 1756 – March 25, 1818) Revolutionary War hero, died here at the age of 62 and was buried here, before being transferred back to Virginia as his final resting place. He was the father of General Robert E. Lee, served as the ninth Governor of Virginia and as the Virginia Representative to the United States Congress.

Our planned 4 mile walk about the south end of the island, turned into a 7.3 mile trek. Most of the walking is on loose and semi hard sand surfaces, not advised for anyone with mobility issues. We were charmed with many birds chirping and singing their songs and later we found some of the wild horses and experienced their noted "unfriendly nature".

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