We're Baaack !

Our European River Cruise and England trip moved us through 30 days, 4 major Rivers, 5 countries, two types of ships, subways, trains, buses and airplanes! According to our Fitbit watches, we walked as we had never walked before. There were days, especially in England that we walked more than 17,000 steps in a day. We really appreciate all the good people on the Viking River Cruise staff that took such good care of us. We're looking for a way we can do something like this again, just not 30 days maybe, 15 days would be sensible.

Our flight from Heathrow to Atlanta and subsequently to Augusta went without a hitch. Now, back on familiar ground and in our home on wheels, we'll assume our normalcy. In an effort to, "Get Back On the Horse" so to speak. We'll leave our kids RV parking spot and drive over to the Georgia coast for a couple weeks.

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