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The woods near our home in Anchorage. Where the air is thick

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Glen Haven, CO to Anchorage, AK


We got up early and did our final packing and prep for the all day air travel adventure ahead. Kate drove us into Estes Park so we could catch the shuttle to Denver International Airport. We got a great breakfast at Notch Top Restaurant then were delivered to the Visitor Center by 9:30AM. We said our goodbyes to Kate with the knowledge we would be seeing her in about a month as she will be coming to Anchorage for the holidays.

Shuttle rides into DIA take 1.5 hours and can be memorable in themselves. The driver we got this time was, shall we say, talkative and had many interesting stories and ideas. He must have concluded that we were rich since half the folks in Estes Park, (according to him), are very wealthy. He offered to visit us in Alaska, (expenses paid ), and share more of his theories on, (I’m not making this up), quantum mechanics as they relate to the spiritual realm. He made it clear he would need to bring his wife along. A very interesting fellow. On the plus side, he did manage to keep the van on the road and got us to the airport in plenty of time for our flight. Julie usually has plenty to say about characters like this we seem to meet, but this time she was quiet. She looked like she had been sandblasted.

After the shuttle ride, rest of the day was uneventful but long. From Denver to Seattle is 2.5 hours. We had an hour layover in Seattle. Seattle to Anchorage was about 3 hours with the only excitement being some turbulence. We were in very best part of the plane for turbulence, (the very back row). Julie asked me what causes turbulence and I explained to her that it comes about when quantum and the spiritual realms collide. She hit me.

We were on the ground by 8:30 PM (AST) which was early! Thanks Alaska Airlines.

Sister Kim came to the airport to pick us up. We took a short drive to her house, collected our dog Sadie and drove home. There is plenty of ice on the road but very little snow. The high temperatures in Anchorage seems to be in the mid thirties to low forties. It was 16 degrees in Glen Haven when we left. Crazy weather. I might plant an orange tree in the back yard if this keeps up.

So ends our “Fall Trip 2018”. It was a good trip but we are glad to be home…….where it’s warm.

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