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Today was scheduled to be a quieter day. Visiting some friends, doing laundry and relaxing. The day started with breakfast at the hotel. I like the breakfast at Hampton Inn better than Homewood Suites. Hampton has the waffle maker that makes waffles in the shape of Texas! We finished breakfast and went to Dave's apartment. He had to work today, but gave us his key to use his washer and dryer. He doesn't charge as much as the hotel!

We drove to his apartment, which was no small feat. It seems that the roadway around our hotel is under construction...massive construction. And has been for a couple of years. It has closed exits off the highway, left car swallowing pot holes, and moved the roadway around from day to day. It is so bad the woman at the desk at Hampton said there is a new bumper sticker going around with the saying "Forget the wall, Complete route 290".

We got to Dave's apartment at around 10:30 and started the laundry. I figured I would watch some TV, but could not figure out how to get it to TV mode. I sent a text to Dave asking how to do it, and in a minute he had logged in remotely and was setting up the TV. Neat.

I sent a note to my friends Lori (Landry's CIO) and Lisa (IT Director for the new Post Oak Hotel) in Houston. The Landry HQ and the new hotel share the same city block. She invited us over anytime, so we put in another load and headed for downtown Houston.

We arrived at about 1:30 and were brought up to Lori's office. We greeted each other with hugs and smiles, and a few minutes later Lisa joined us. We chatted for a while about past adventures in Casino/Hotels, catching up with who is where, greeting from other friends, and what is new. Lisa asked if we wanted a tour of the new hotel (so new a couple of areas are just opening this week).

We started the tour with Lisa leading us from the HQ offices, over the connecting bridge to the new hotel. She said that this hotel had just received it's 5 Diamond AAA rating, the only hotel in Houston and 1 of only 2 hotels in Texas with the 5 diamonds. The hotel is amazing. It is incredibly rich but not gaudy. One of the first things we saw was a one story tall chandelier in a three story staircase that was made of hundreds of Swarovski crystals. There was marble and carpeting on all of the wide hallways, original artwork on many of the wall surfaces a lovely pool area (no swimming today in the 50 degree temperatures). She showed us the ballroom at the location. It is 16,000 sq ft. Walking down the third floor hallway we passed the Rolls Royce cars from the dealership on the first floor. It goes along with the Bentley dealership and Maserati dealerships in front of the hotel. We saw a sample room. It had 2 tablets in the room to control everything from lighting to drapes and TV. It had an "honor bar" with full size bottles of upper shelf liquors. They are in locations with pressure sensitive bases. If you take the bottle, the base senses it and after a certain time, charges the room. It was an amazing hotel, but absolutely stunningly beautiful. After the tour, we went back to the offices, said goodbye to my friends, and headed back to Dave's apartment to complete laundry.

When Dave came home, we went out to dinner of barbeque (what else in Texas) chatted for a while, and returned back to the hotel.

Tomorrow Dallas.

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