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We have been experiencing some odd weather here in the Rio Grande Valley. This is November and the weather is usually wonderful but we have gone from hot and humid to cold and wet.

The resort had an open house scheduled for today so we waited for the rain to stop and then put the cushions back on the outdoor furniture. In spite of the damp, chilly weather we put up our “For Sale” sign, turned the fireplace on in the Coach House, and sat down to welcome the hordes of visitors who we were certain would mob the gates today just to snatch a bargain property with a Coach House on it so they would have a wonderful place to park their RV during the winter months.

Marilyn told me that I had to keep the door open so people would know that the coach house was open for viewing so I did that. The 55 degree temperature with damp air and a brisk wind made it a bit uncomfortable but I stuck to the script and waited.

ONE couple showed up to look at the place. They agreed it was quite nice, asked the price, looked at the storage shed and left. That was it.

It felt nice to get back inside the RV where it was toasty warm with the door closed. We sat quietly reading our books and anticipating the visit by my relatives on Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday. Guess what. That will be three of the coldest days we have had here in the valley and the forecast calls for the temperatures to return to the normal 70’s on the day after my family leaves. That deserves a “Grrrr”.

Seriously no matter what the weather dishes out we will have a good time. Kraig and Jana are good people and we will have fun. Friends Denny & Jackie and Jim & Karen plan to join us in Mexico on Wednesday and maybe in Padre Island on Thursday so that guarantees a good time with lots of laughs.

Life is Good!

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