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Finally we are here in Houston and setting up for Christmas! Andy is here and we left Spring at 8 AM traveled early in the morning so that we can check in, cook, and watch an important noon-time Texans game with him at his house (they lost 32-30 to the Eagles). It was a relaxing day of football, chowder, brats, and games.

We will be dropping off and using up a lot of the 'stuff' we brought from home and bought for the holiday. There are some presents and groceries, and we brought a lot of Billy and Em's wedding stuff as cargo, stuffed into every space that we could find, on the floor and on the spare recliner. When we travel a lot of it has to go on the floor. Since we are traveling over our trailer weight limits, it will be good to lessen the load from here onward.

We had a great time with our 2 sons, daughter-in-law Emily, and Andy's girlfriend Kate. They have been dating for a while but it is our first time meeting her. We had some nice dinners and went to 2 local shows: an amazing magician show and a Star Wars musical farce. We got some good giggles out of the musical farce!

Emily and Bill are buying a house! The closing has been delayed till after we leave, but we felt lucky to go with them to the 'walk-through' and had a chance to see it! When we pass through Houston again in April they will be all settled in!

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