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Many people would not be aware Picasso was a masterful realist first

One of the most famous Picasso works

My favorite - Picasso’s take on Velasquez’s Las Meninas

The Puerto tellerifico




Ship building

It’s noteworthy that many large yachts are registered in the Caymen Islands

Foshing nets set out to dry

This lArc de Triompf - built as the acess gate for the...

Arch detail

The El Cap de Barcelona sculpture was created for the 1992 Olympics

One of my favorite songs is the B52’s tume Rock Lobster

Christopher Columbus, iinstigator of both slave trading & genocide

Barcelona’s beautiful Mercado de La Boqueria is famous among foodies

Almost every variety of every kind of seafood is on offer at...

The same can be said about pumpkins

And sausages

And olives

As well as marzipan, gummies, fruits, breads, meat ...

It’s awesome for take-out too- calamara, tapas, empanadas, skewers

Though if you hunger for sports cars head to Port Vell -...

Or pay 5€ for a photo and just sit in 1 of...

On November 6, we enjoyed a lovely train ride from Valencia to Barcelona as much of the route hugged the Costa Brava coastline.

With only two days in the city, we made a point of hitting venues we had passed over in 2013, when we spent three weeks in Barcelona. Our priority was the large Picasso museum. At the age of 14 the artist’s family moved from Malaga, where we had already visited two small museums of his works.

Through five connected houses, the works are displayed chronologically. It begins with Picasso’s classical training (aka his homework) in drawing and painting both the human form and formal landscapes. Then the exhibits progress through his award-winning realism works and on to the distinct style of painting he is most remembered for, and into his old age.

Among the many paintings, sculptures and ceramics on display, my favourites were Picasso’s homage to Diego Valesquez’s painting Las Meninas.

From the Picasso Museum we took a stroll around Port Vell to admire the toys of the one percent of the one percent. surely entire African villages could be sustained on the cost of these ostentatious vessels.

From the port, you can see gondola cars travelling up Montjuic to to the fort on the top. We’d hiked to it previously, but the easy way up appealed this day.

Disappointingly, the Puerto Telerifico ends at a viewpoint about halfway up Montjuic. From there it is a fair walk to a second pay-per-view gondola; that’s the one visible from Port Vell. Of course, there is nothing at the lower ticket office to inform visitors of the short port ride; we were not the only people fooled and we felt it ripped off.

On our way back to the hotel we meandered up the overpriced and overcrowded crowded pedestrian street La Rambla. Shortly after turning off it, we happened upon another of Barcelona’s must-do sites, the historic Boqueria market. It had been closed for renovations when we visited Barcelona in 2013. That was a happy accident and a very nice way to wrap up what was likely to be the last time were set foot in Spain.

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