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Crossing the Murray River at Swan Reach

Our camp spot at Blanchetown

Peter & Lyn’s dog Jazz or puppy as she answers to.

9/11/2018. Friday. Sunny, blue sky, warm

Semaphore, Adelaide to Blanchetown

What a beautiful morning! Shame that we’re leaving today but Hazel and I did manage to have a morning walk on the beach while the men finished decamping and hitching up.

We travelled on roads which we’ve driven on previously up to Nurioopta, then new territory through wine growing area to Angaston which was a lovely, pretty town with lots of old houses and buildings and rose gardens galore.

We were meeting cousin Peter & Lyn from Adelaide, who were holidaying on the Murray when we were in Adelaide, so had arranged to catch up at a free camp at Swan Reach for a night or two as they were heading back home. We thought we had to cross the river on the ferry to the free camp, but as we approached the ferry we saw the camp on our left. We had time to reverse back, but Hazel and Ron were right at the gates to the ferry and couldn’t reverse up hill and around the corner, so they went over on the ferry then had to return again. In the meantime we’d had radio contact with Peter & Lyn, and they then came over to meet us. Unfortunately, there wasn’t enough room in the free camp for the three vans, so after lunch, we drove back on the ferry passing through the Fruit Fly Inspection point - we were the only ones who had to stop and be inspected, because Hazel & Ron and Peter & Lyn had been through before - and on to Blanchetown where we stopped at the now disused golf club. A beautiful spot which is not listed as a free camp, but Peter has stayed here when he’s been on Hot Rod trips with his club.

It’s quite steep going down onto the ferry and then off, bad enough with just a car, but with a van attached, there were a few scraping noises.

We sat in the sun and chatted then went up the hill to the local pub for dinner.

It’s been lovely to see P&L as we missed them last time we were in Adelaide.

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