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The A/C cycled on and off several times during the night and it was still 77 degrees outdoors when we woke this morning. Marilyn opened the door and said “Uggg”. She informed me that it was very humid and there was not a breath of air stirring. That didn’t last too long as we sat sharing a pot of fresh brewed coffee we noticed the tree branches waving around. Marilyn opened the door again and said “Hey, it’s really nice out there now.”

The temperature dropped to 55 degrees, some light rain fell, the wind picked up, and we decided to get out for some grocery shopping. The HEB store was pretty busy and we noticed locals wearing coats, some with hoods pulled up. We wandered around with our short sleeved shirts chatting about how it felt like mountain weather to us.

Once we returned home and had the groceries put away, Marilyn helped me fix a batch of homemade beef vegetable soup. That was lunch and there is plenty left over for dinner too. If there is any left for tomorrow it will be even better.

The cooler weather caused us to close the door but we did leave the window beside my chair open. I love the sound of the palm trees with the wind blowing through them.

Marilyn did some laundry and we read our books in the afternoon. I’ll bet we have the fireplace on before we go to bed tonight. LOL No matter because we know that Life is Good!

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