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oh, dear! ... the new acquisition is hurting

the landscape between Cartagena and Toledo ....

......was harsh and not unlike areas in Oz

Toledo's medieval buildings ....

..... narrow lanes....

.....and beautiful bridge were fantastic to explore

fine gold-inlaid jewellery is a trademark of Toledo

houses built into and on top of rock were quite ingenious

Once again we headed inland to experience more 'real' Spain in the small villages and larger towns.

We completely avoided motorways and highways in favour of country roads and were totally happy with the choice.

The landscape was extremely rugged and dry but not uninteresting. At times we felt like we were again passing through areas of Oz.

Small towns like Tobarra and Ruidera were great for coffee or rest stops.

Temperatures during the day got down to 9C so we avoided spending too much time out and about but on arrival at our hotel not only were we warmly welcomed but the manager already had the heater on in our room. He even helped with our baggage.

Toledo was a fantastic town with many interesting passageways and buildings to explore. We stumbled into a courtyard which led to an artisan's workshop where craftsmen were creating beautiful gold-inlaid jewellery. It was fascinating to watch their intricate workmanship and learn a little about their craft.

Amazingly we left with a very pretty trinket.

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