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Our friend Denny is finally feeling well again, Mike’s foot is improving, and the rest of us are feeling ok so it must be time for a trip across the border to Mexico.

Denny & Jackie arrived at our place and we jumped in to join them for the drive to Mike & Marian’s house where we all waited a few minutes for Jim & Karen to arrive.

It was exactly 10:00 am when we left the resort and headed for the border crossing at Progreso. It took about 45 minutes to reach the parking lot on the USA side of the border. Mike parked beside Denny and the “gang of eight” crossed the Rio Grande and headed directly to Poncho’s Bar.

The music played, the drinks arrived, the harassment began, the laughter became constant with little missiles, looking suspiciously like peanuts, flying from the ladies end of the table. Two chairs sat empty at the table reminding us that certain friends were missing, and a toast was offered for the good friends who are no longer spending their winters here with us.

After spending time in the “fun” mode, we left Poncho’s and walked across the street where Marilyn changed her Dental appointment to Saturday, the 17th, and then we joined the rest of our group at Arturo’s Restaurant for lunch. The food was quite good and the service was great as usual.

Several of us needed to purchase medicines which cost much less in Mexico. After about one hour we had made those purchases, crossed back into the USA, and were headed home.

It was certainly another fine day in the life of full-time RV folks and another memory is stored away for some day when we are looking out the window at snow and ice while recalling those wonderful, crazy, fun days living the RV life. Life is Good!

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