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Beer Can House

Beer Can House Fence

When I booked my stay for Houston, I booked 5 nights. I suspect I was doing it from memory and thought I had 4 days of activities planned. A week or so ago when I looked at my itinerary, I realized I only had 3 days of activities planned so I moved the Sam Houston Boat Tour to today figuring I would just have a leisurely day. However last night when I looked at the details for the boat-tour I discovered it was free and you needed to make reservations at least24 hours in advance. Even though I was inside the 24 hours I thought I’d try to book it but it indicated there were no spots available. It is closed Sunday and Monday and presumably over Thanksgiving but there were very few days left in November that had available time slots although December seemed to have quite a few openings.

Since I didn’t have anything else planned for today, I ran a bunch of errands…oil change, washed and vacuumed my car, filled a couple of prescription, paid bills, et al.

I did do one touristy thing. I ran up to the Beer Can House which is about 5 miles west of downtown on Malone Street. The siding on the house is flattened beer cans (which makes some sense, think aluminum siding). There are “shades” hanging off the eaves of the front porch which are tops and bottoms cut out of beer cans hung on a wire or string. The fence is filled in w/ unaltered beer cans w/ the bottoms facing out. The guy worked on it from 1968 through 1988. I had read somewhere he has passed away but I don’t recall when. Based on some signage, it is apparently now considered an art project. However, I suspect the house isn’t going to last much longer. This appears to be an up and coming neighborhood. There are fairly recent 3 story condos all around the beer can house w/ some of the old “shacks” like the beer can house mixed in. A block away along Memorial Drive there are two full square block condos/apartments going up across Malone Street from each other. My guess is at some point the value of the land will be too high and the beer can house will be no more. This was originally on the agenda for Sunday afternoon but I had forgotten about it as I was leaving downtown which is too bad because it is apparently open to tour on Saturday and Sunday from 12 – 5.

It appears as if today will be the last day for shorts. It was hot (mid 80s) and humid again today but as I look at the forecast, Dallas is going to top out in the 50s over the next few days and there could be some highs only in the 40s in OKC and LR by the time I get there. So, I guess it’s finally goodbye to summer but it’s been a good run.

Tonight is my 5th night here in Houston. I’m starting to feel like I’m putting down roots. The only other place I stayed 5 nights was Seattle. That got me to wondering how many stays I had at the various lengths. So, I counted. 18 stays of 1 night, 14 of 2 nights, 6 of 3 nights, 7 of 4 nights, and the aforementioned 2 stays of 5 nights. That’s a whole lot of moving around.

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