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Petrified wood as far as you can see

Airplane graveyard in Roswell, New Mexico

Airplane graveyard

Cotton Field

Well it was a long drive but we made it to our winter home at Bentsen Grove Resort. The rest of our trip was mostly driving with one last stop at Jim Grey's Petrified Wood store in Holbrook, Arizona. We managed to squeeze in another bunch of rocks and now Don has his work cut out for him this winter. Driving through southeast New Mexico it looks like the oil industry is really booming. I have never seen so many trucks on the roads. We spent the night in Pecos, Tx and had to pay $110 for a room because of the oil. We usually pay around $50 a night.

We arrived at Bentsen on Sunday afternoon about 4:30. It is hot and humid so taking my time settling in. There is a cool front moving in on Friday and it is only supposed to be 77F/25C and cooler on Saturday. I should be able to get the house organized then. We worked in the kitchen last night making pancakes and french toast but it was a pretty slow night which we expected. Lots of people aren't here yet.

This morning I was trying to get the food all unpacked and found a palm beetle (big, ugly bug) in the cupboard which promptly hid when I tried to spray him. So out came everything in the cabinet (very carefully because I knew he was there somewhere!) and then proceeded to look for him. Once I found him I sprayed him with raid and closed the doors. I can deal with them better when they aren't moving or wait for Don to come home!! Now I will have to wash the raid smell out. First time I have found one of them nasty things inside the cabinets, I will be looking for them now.

Don had his first rock club meeting today and I checked out the quilting class yesterday. Unfortunately our quilt instructor has cancer and won't be down this year while she is taking treatments, so I will be working on some unfinished projects. Today it will be Jack in the Box for lunch with some people from the rock club and then I think a trip to Costco is next.

So for now its back to unpacking (Don came home and looked after my bug!).

Take care till next time.

Shelly & Don

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