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Full Day in Biloxi today. We woke up to see a sunny day (yay!). Checking online I see they are predicting 78 degrees. We started they day having breakfast at Michael Patrick's at the Golden Nugget. Good breakfast. After, we walked around the GN and surrounding grounds. I showed Cheryl a bridge built after Katrina right next to GN. It was built for the main shoreline highway, but also with pedestrians in mind. It has a 10' wide walkway that is measured off in tenths of miles for walkers. It goes over a major inlet from the gulf and is 1.7 miles long. I also showed Cheryl the parking garage under the casino. We saw the cabling work we did on the ceiling, 29 feet above ground (always the romantic!).

When our "tour" was complete, we decided that since it was so warm and sunny, we went to the outdoor pool for a while. Very nice in the shade, a little warm in the sun. Went into the hot tub, and later the main pool.

After we got dressed again, we went for a drive along the shoreline drive from Biloxi to Gulfport, about 20 miles. On the way back, we stopped to see Beauvoir, the last home of Jefferson Davis.

I went to Beauvoir about 10 years ago. All but 1 building on the site had been destroyed by Katrina, and there wasn't much to see. Today there is a library and museum, as well as the main home (the one building that wasn't destroyed) and support buildings which had been reconstructed. We went on the tour which was very informative about the family and structures.

That tour completed, it was now about 5 PM and we realized we didn't stop for lunch. We decided to stop for an early dinner.

One of the stops I was looking forward to on this trip was a place called "Aunt Jenny's". I had eaten there a number of times when I worked here, and it had the best fried chicken I ever had. I couldn't wait for Cheryl to try it. Aunt Jenny's is an antebellum house converted into a restaurant. It is rustic with views of a small stream with old oak trees along it. At least that is what I remember of the view. Today was so humid that all of the windows fogged up and we couldn't see out. The food however was just as good as I remember it. Cheryl thought it was the third best she had ever tasted. We both ordered all you can eat, and each took advantage. After the meal, we drove back to the hotel, and settled in for a relaxing evening.

Tomorrow: More Biloxi and on to New Orleans.

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