We dock for a quick visit to this tiny city wonderful town.

We board one of the little trains that takes us the half...

There we meet our guide, former mayor of town, full of information...

View of the tower that is leaning.

Cute street

Neat street

One finds the coolest door designs in old towns

Market area

Above the interesting doors is usually something equally interesting .

Meat shop window and cases.

Another interesting over the shop door decoration

Heavy Timbered houses or shops

Heavy Timbered houses or shops

Heavy Timbered houses or shops

This building honors his/her beloved Dauchshound

Beautiful area with creeks near the river, then we’re told about the...

Floods happen often and are marked on this gauge outside the city...

We collect little birds who watch over our dashboard and out the...

Our little treasure from Wertheim a glass blown sparrow

On our own, we walk the back streets and find interesting places.

Til come to a wonderful bakery, in the market square

Rebecca enjoys a late morning treat with coffee, yumm.

Pretty building housing the bakery

The Wertheim Castle overlooking the town

Homes and town along the river

Homes, RV’s and town along the river

Homes and towns along the river

This is how they camp in Germany along the Danube, Rhein

Part of the castle, see the wall and fortifications

Part of the castle, closeup of the wall

Storybook Setting of This Charming Town -- Explore Wertheim, a tiny town that has played a strategic

role at the confluence of the Main and Tauber Rivers. The evening before we toured, we were favored with the performance of a world renown glass blowing artist. He invited us, after the tour, to visit the glass shop of his friend, which we did and picked up one cute sparrow item to add to our collection. We joined our guide to experience this quaint village that is squeezed into a narrow triangle in the shadow of Wertheim Castle. We strolled, its red sandstone towers and fortifications marking your progress from their perch, striking a dramatic pose against the lush hillside forest. We walked past the Pointed Tower, round at the bottom and octagonal at the top. Over its 800 years, it has tilted to one side. While ambling among beautifully restored half-timbered houses built in Franconian style we happened upon the historic marketplace, passing a bakery and butcher shop. You can also stop by a glassblowing shop to admire the intricate works here.

When the town tour was over and everyone met at the ship to continue on down the river, a quite large group of us, not Dave and Rebecca, met the “bicycle man” who sized everyone up, giving them helmets, safety vests, instructions and briefing. This group would continue on down the Main River for 16 easy riding miles. While they set out, we on the ship gathered in our favorites spots and watched the scenery go by. The scenery of charming landscape of hilltop castles, sloping vineyards, flowering meadows and verdant forests. After the 16 miles, the ship docked in Freudenberg where the cyclers finished their adventure, joined us on the ship, and the ship sailed to our next destination.

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