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A sunrise to start our day

Driving on the old Route 66

Amazing rock formations and a native "Tourist Enticement"

More rocks and we're in Arizona

The Painted Desert fock formations

The Cholla Power Plant, a huge coal eating facility

Mike singing "standing on a corner, in Winslow, Arizona, with Glenn Frey's...

We're home for the night, Homolovi State Park, pretty desolate

This makes our site look isolated, but there were a few trailers...

The front of the bus and a beautiful sunset to end our...

The park we stayed in last night, Enchanted Trails, has had a long and interesting past. Back in the 50's it was a simple trading post but after a major fire it became one of the many camping stops west of Albuquerque along the fabled Route 66. Today the charm of the old is everywhere in the buildings as well as the old restored travel trailers that fill the park.

Due to the Daylight Saving time change over, we awoke ready to go... a tad early, before the sun even came up... but once we read our e-mails, e-news, and attended to our other morning rituals, Michelle wandered looking for the best spot to get a picture of the sunrise, we ate, packed up and ... finally we got on the road again.

Much of the current Interstate 40 in this area was laid over the old Route 66, yet our service road that the RV park was on turned out to be the old 66 and gave us a chance to once again to follow its centerline for a number of miles as we passed structures like the Rio Puerco Bridge (which is still standing) before we again joined the main flow of tractor trailers and cars on the larger expressway.

Our GPS likes to keep us informed, so when it announced we were coming close to crossing the Continental Divide, Michelle got her camera ready to snap a picture of the sign, only to be looking the wrong way and missing the sign - but instead getting a picture of the exit ramp to a town that just happens to be named Continental Divide at the same darn location... Who will know the difference?

Crossing into the state of Arizona the geography changed again and flattened out more. It was like they drew the border on a geological change line. Moving into the desert area we came across a number of native "tourist enticements". Many interesting sights to see. The terrain was becoming flatter with lots of red and tan rock and green shrubs as far out as the eye could see. The mesa's were still everywhere but not as big as we had seen the day before. We noticed the long trains, one after another far off in the distance hauling carloads of something but we couldn't figure out what. Later we came up on the Cholla Power Plant... a coal fired beast that eats 100 tons of coal every hour, guess we know what the trains were carrying. The plant is currently slated to be phased out in 2025.

We rolled into Winslow Arizona and Mike quickly parked the bus, grabbed his guitar, went and stood on a corner and sang an old song by the Eagles. We were fortunate that it was noon on Sunday and not many people were around, so we had the corner to ourselves, though Mike did get applause from an appreciative fan passing by.

With still one more day of three hours of driving to our final destination we are staying the night at a local State Park in Winslow, Homolovi Ruins State Park. Very sparse, yet the roads are paved and spots are serviced, an interesting place.

No doubt we'll be up early again as we're anxious to be at our 'home' for the next 5 months!

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