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the Andalucian landscape was rugged and dry

pretty walkways in Ronda .....

..... lead to its amazing bridge ....

..... which spans a ravine to link the old and new town...

Birthday boy has another excuse for a drink

the Roman Bridge in Cordoba was spectacular

the Inquisition Museum contained many scary torture items

please, please....can I go now?

Cordoba's town squares were huge

From Gibraltar we headed north through the Costa del Sol to Marbella then turned inland to Cordoba for a stopover.

We were expecting the Costa del Sol coastline to be much prettier although the water colour was gorgeous. The lack of trees made it a 'hard' landscape which did not appeal to us.

The inland drive passed across extremely dry, very rugged areas similar to parts of outback Oz we had ridden our bikes through.

The small town of Ronda was a great rest stop. Coffees under the ancient Roman bridge which spans a massive ravine to join the town's two halves was brilliant.

Our Cordoba hotel room was very modern and well placed for us to explore the old town except it did not have any external window....yuk! what about the fresh air ?

We were out and about as much as possible.

The 1st C Roman Bridge leading into the ancient town was big and beautiful as were many sites including the cathedral gardens and the Plaza Corredera. The Plaza held many public executions in the past but now is a very peaceful space very popular with the locals.

Executions certainly played a roll in Spanish history particularly under the direction of the church.

The Inquisition carried out the dirty deeds from the 15th to the 18th centuries and our visit to the Museum dedicated to its torture methods was an eye-opener.

Little wonder there is an age limit to enter and see the gruesome tools of trade.

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