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Drive through Khao Sok

Almost as tall as dad!

Junk Boat


Gourmet river lunch


Thai Amazon

our friend

"The Frog"

Diving into new adventures...



Scrambled eggs








toilet at the local market....'and it cost .05c

night 2 dancers

View of Cheow Larn Lake


Elephant Hills floating camp

Kayaking paradise







Monkey friend



night 3 dancers

Final day - tropical forest hike







Latex from rubber trees


Coconut heart

Chef preparing jungle lunch



cracking eggs

Farewell note


Elephant Hills Tented Camping was organized in such a professional manner that I would recommend it to everyone. The camp was filled with mostly British tourists and a handful of Aussies. We also spent one adventure with a crazy fun family from Estonia. Day two, three and four (our exit day), were all truly jungle adventures! We cruised in a speed boat up a river to a private Burmese Junk ship for swimming, kayaking through a mangrove and a gourmet lunch prepared on the boat for my dad and I (along with a couple from England). Afterward, we took a boat down the Thai Amazon where we saw a number of snakes and large lizards. Luckily we didn’t see any pythons or King Cobras, only mangrove snakes. The next day, we adventured to local markets on our way to explore Cheow Larn Lake in a traditional long tail boat. This lake (71 Sq. Miles) was man made in 1987 in order to create power for Southern Thailand, irrigation, and fishery. The lake was absolutely gorgeous and Elephant Hills also operates a floating tent camp in a secluded cove area that was our base for more kayaking, swimming and another tasty lunch! The jungle bordering the camp had a monkey family “swing” by to greet us. Our muscles were sore each night from paddling against the currants and we surely slept like babies in our tent.

The morning of our departure from this unreal journey we were taken on an educational jungle trek for three hours. Our guide was fantastic as she pointed out the many varieties of insects, trees, and plants along the way. We entered caves, crossed rivers and hiked over primitive bridges. One of the most interesting facts I learned was that a type of tree actually produces rubber or latex. Rubber tree plantations, palm oil production and tourism are the major industries of Thailand. We saw and played with the latex extract from an actual tree. The families that manage the plantations actually score a path in the tree trunk to tap the trees like we tap maple trees in America. Towards the end of our hike, we came upon a hut where Elephant Hills sent a chef to prepare a traditional meal in the middle of the jungle. I learned how to split and prepare a coconut and remove its meat to make coconut milk. He then used the milk to make a Tom Kha soup with chicken. We also had BBQ pork and fresh Thai scrambled eggs.

My dad and I really want to thank my cousin JJ’s fiance Felicity for recommending this cool place. She is a travel agent in Australia. It was truly magical. Our transfer van then drove us 2.5 hours to the Donsak pier for our adventure to the island of Koh Samui where my dad booked a nice hotel on the beach with a tennis court!

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