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Got passed by the Google car, we'll have to check Google Maps...

Our site in Paxton, Nebraska. The Days Inn and gas station behind...

A much prettier view, the pond in front of the bus, a...

The sunset in Paxton was wonderful

One ranch had tiered fields, like we saw in Portugal

One more state, out of Iowa and into Nebraska

Leaving Interstate 80 to head towards Denver

Colorado sign, doesn't look very colourful to us

Greely, we've driven a week and we're just outside of Ottawa??

Our first sight of the Rockies, look hard at the horizon

Mile High Stadium, notice the traffic going the other direction, thankfully

Castle Rock, on the outskirts of Denver

Yes, that is snow on the hill

Pike's Peak, really beautiful

The view out our door, and we're in t shirts with the...

On our walk around the park, Mike wasn't happy, good thing he...

Michelle found some too, but at least she had the mountains in...

Mike talking to the Oreo cow, just like last year in Florida,...

We've had two more good days of driving, through lots of flat farmland.

Iowa ended in rolling hills, but these flattened out again as we hit Nebraska. Lots of smaller herds became really large herds of Angus (black) cows, with one of Holsteins (black & white), and a Limousin or Simmental (brown) - at least that's the kinds we think they are (thank you Google). A lot of them were wandering in harvested corn fields, and these are now huge fields, really huge. The first day, mostly in Nebraska was an easy day, with Interstate 80 mostly straight, with a bend now and then to wake up the drivers. We stopped at the Days Inn and RV Park in Paxton, NE. The price was right, which was a good thing as it certainly didn't have any scenery, a row of about 10 sites beside a run down hotel. At least the pond in front was pretty, and we ate dinner looking over it at the lights from the traffic on the highway. And, of course we could hear the the passing trains, a sure sign of most parks we seem to end up in. Somehow we had a great nights sleep, two time zones in two days can do that to you.

We were up and moving again at a good time, so we could get another full day's drive. We filled up with gas, thankfully before crossing into Colorado, as the gas prices increased about 20/25 cents a gallon, and when you're filling the bus that isn't just a buck or two! The land started to become much more rolling, and we left Interstate 80 (that we'd been on since Chicago) to head towards Denver and as we headed into Colorado we caught our first sight of the Rockies. This interstate has the Rockies as scenery as a bonus, and we'll take it all the way through the rest of Colorado and part way through New Mexico.

Michelle enjoyed the sights of Denver (skyline, interesting buildings and Rocky Mountain views) while Mike fought the lunch hour traffic, construction and hills, Denver is the largest city in Colorado you know. Some neat architecture, the Denver Broncos Mile High Stadium, Six Flags Observation Tower, the Pedestrian Bridge and Castle Rock were all enjoyed and pictures taken. What we did start to notice, as we went up to 6,400 ft above sea level, was snow on some roofs, in shadows and in spots on the side of the road, Mike was not happy.

We drove out of Denver, and saw Pike's Peak, one of the tallest peaks of the Rockies that you can still drive to. Down the road we went, to Pueblo, and we're staying the night in a KOA. Beautiful scenery, with the Rockies behind the bus, and a herd of Oreo cows beside us. Actually they are called Belted Galloways, but they look like Oreos. The lady who checked us in said they woke up to eight inches of snow on Halloween.

We've got about three more days of driving, tomorrow will be another long one, that way we will miss the really cold and snow weather, fingers cross, if Mother Nature doesn't throw disagree with our plans.

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