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We still had a little bit to finish today so we were busy as soon as we finished the coffee. Now we have things looking nice, the high speed Wi-Fi works great and even costs $10 per month less than last year. I also have a fresh haircut so I am ready to relax.

In fact Marilyn & I both relaxed in the afternoon. We have been so busy that it is a pleasure to take some time to do nothing. The weather has been fantastic and the forecast predicts more of the same for the next ten days. That is part of the reason we enjoy the Rio Grande Valley so much.

Marilyn & I sat on the patio with a glass of wine, finally able to enjoy the serenity of our patio. The gurgling fountain added to the relaxation while we watched the butterflies. We are on the primary migration route of butterflies here. In fact the National Butterfly Center is within walking distance of our resort.

Also we have decided to add birdseed to our shopping list. We enjoyed the company of a Green Jay and have had several Kiskadee hanging around because we are also in the center of the migratory route for the birds here in the valley. The Rio Bentsen State Park is within easy walking distance of our resort and we can see all sorts of different birds there. They also have Javelinas but they are more secretive and not often seen.

It was another fine day here in the valley and now I will remind you dear readers that Life is Good!

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