Moore's do Peru 2018 travel blog

A slight sleep in and breakfast at 6:30am before heading off to Oxbow lake. It took us a slow walk of around an hour with checking out plants and stuff along the way while trying to avoid the fire ants and bullet ants on the path (very painful if you get bitten by these). At the dock there were monkeys climbing in the trees but very hard to get photos of them amongst the branches.

We took out a canoe and saw some very prehistoric birds on the bank and some Tucan in a far tree. Liberty had brought some bread and we fed the parana but they were very quick and hard to see in the murky water.

We went for a walk on the other side and saw a hugh Fig tree that had taken over another tree that then died so you could stand inside. Liberty gave us a little talk about a hallucinogenic frog that aids in a spiritual enlightenment.

We saw a juvenile Cayman as we got back into the canoe and then Kelvin paddled us back to the dock.

On the return walk to the lodge we came across a great example of the leaf cutter ants and I could have watched them for ever they were so cool.

There was thunder as we got back to lodge and then there was rain. We decided not to do any activities after lunch and just chill out.

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