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This morning we joined a bus tour that would take us through the Sacred Valley of the Inca, to Ollantaytambo.

Or first stop was an opportunity to learn about the textile process and different crops that are grown in the area. They had a large gift shop but luckily for my wallet we didn't have a lot of time here.

The change in scenery from previous days is dramatic with more lush green colors and hills and valleys.

We done up to the citadel of Pisac with stunning views of the valley and town below. The complex it's self was amazing, huge terracing, buildings on the peak and the largest Inca cemetery in the side of the mountains around.

We then had a stop in Pisac town at a silversmith shop and learnt a little of the process and then of course were encouraged to purchase. Kelvin and I went for a quick walk around the market instead.

Next stop was an awesome buffet lunch set in lovely gardens and great traditional band playing. The favorite was the traditional doughnuts that the cook could hardly keep up with demand.

Our final destination for the day was the lovely town of Ollantaytambo. As a group we walked through the cobbled stone streets and then climbed to the top of the 15th century temple past the large wide terracing. It was a slightly steep climb but so worth the view. It is so incredible to learn about the amazing skill and engineering the Incans had of building these structures from huge stones that came from miles away and then fit together seamlessly with no mortar and perfect angles. Once again it is not a complete structure as the Spanish destroyed some of it to abolish the pagan religion. Kelvin and I took a different way down to get a different perspective.

I saw a cool beanie on the way back to the bus but we didn't agree on the price and I didn't have time to haggle before we were taken to our hotel.

After a short rest were headed out to climb up the opposite hillside from the temple to check out the Incan food storage buildings. When we found the entrance the sign said it closed at 4:30pm ane it was just after 4 at the time. We got about half way before a ranger blew his whistle and we had to head down before reaching the top unfortunately.

We instead wandered the streets and market doing a little shopping. There were some very cool knitted llama beanies in different colors.  We happened to pass the stall with the cool beanie so now that I had time I ended up buying it, bought quite sure when I'll wear it haha. We went to a restuarant for dinner which was nice and the food was good but very slow and other people walked out before getting their food and our chips never arrived. The poor young guy was very apologetic.

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