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Some years ago, Marilyn had a root canal and early this week the cap came off. Our friend Denny needed some meds. So how are these events related? Well both could easily be resolved in Mexico and at a much lower cost than here in the USA so we planned a trip to Mexico for this morning.

As Marilyn & I waited for our friends to arrive, I noticed that one of the windows in the front door of our coach house was broken. We had no idea how it got broken but I told Marilyn I would call the insurance company tomorrow.

Denny & Jackie arrived right on time and the four of us left for the drive to the border. All of us rested well after that tiring day yesterday and good humor with lots of joking and laughter prevailed.

Once across the border our first stop was at the Dental office where Marilyn was told to come back in about an hour. With an hour to wait we walked across the street to Poncho’s Bar for a cold drink while listening to a fine singer who entertained us. We returned at the appointed time, Marilyn was taken to the Dentist chair while I remained in the waiting room and Denny & Jackie went to find a Pharmacy. After a while I was called back to the room where Marilyn was looking at an x-ray. They showed me the same x-ray pointing out the crack in the tooth and explaining that they could not save the tooth. They offered to extract the tooth right then but Marilyn is on the blood thinner, Eliquis, so we have to wait. There is no pain as the tooth is dead so we decided to return in two weeks to have that tooth pulled.

Denny & Jackie were waiting when we were ready to leave so I paid the bill and we walked to the Red Snapper for lunch. I should mention that the total cost for the exam and the x-ray was $10.

We all shared a fine lunch with continued laughter and fun. With our tummies full we left our friends to pick up their meds and we waited for them at Linda’s Pharmacy where we are well known and warmly greeted.

My hip was hurting by the time we walked back to the car so Denny drove home. He then stayed to help get our DISH antenna up on the roof of the RV. We parted with our good friends by sharing hugs and then I went indoors to get the Satellite TV set up.

A few minutes later a knock at the door surprised us. It seems that the landscape folks had accidently broken the glass in the door of our coach house and sent a couple of folks from a glass company to replace the glass. That was really nice and about an hour later we had things back to normal. I was impressed by the honesty of the landscaping crew and intend to make it known how they handled things.

The remainder of the evening, until about 6:15, I was on the phone with the DISH people. We now have things working the way they should and have the local channels as well.

Life is Good!

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