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We loved staying at Hotel California

The zhotel california lobby


The zhotel California from the beach (green building)

A photo of the Hotel. califrnia building from 1904

The Redding Fountain by Guillermo Gomez Gill c1880-1885

Me at the Redding Fountain 2018 we walked by it 2x daily

The Roman Theatre in Malaga is truly timeless

The Roman theatre at night

Our beach walk

I wondered what they were fishing fo

I caught the fellow in blue with his catch of the day

Sunset from a beach is almost always spectacular

The cathderal by day

The cathedral by night

The Cathedral on a sunny day

A Malaga University building

View from Mount Gilbrafaro on which the 14 c AD fortress Castillo...

The housing of a well that runs deep down through the hill

Imagine hiking up down and along these ramparts in heavy armour in...

Beauty was important even in a military installation

An ancient well drilled throygh the mountain

I love how recycled materials were used to build the Gilbrafaro fortress...

The fortress walls go on and on and on


The rounded turrets along the Gilbrafaro fortress castle were different

The fortress museum focuses on more recent Spanish military history

I think modern triangle bandages should be imprinted just as these Gilbrafar...

The lighthouse at Malaga’s small port

A cleverly named pair of vessels



Port view from the upper fortress

Recycled Roman colums frame the entry to Alcazaba Fortress Castle

Alcazaba - Fountains and channels move cooling water through the astle

Alcazaba - egs the Q why are ceilings now so boring?

Alcazaba - simple walls with a stunning ceiling

Alcazaba - after the reds of Cordoba blue plasterwork was a wee...

Here we are above the castle looking at the ornatlely ventilated windows

1st century Roman mosaic of Priapis minor god of fertility of fields...

Seated matrons Roman sculptures found in Malaga

These small Roman fiqures have such fine detail

Our lovely family-owned Hotel California with its a rooftop patio view of the sea, short walk to the beach and strolling distance from the busy old was the perfect locale for a week.

Like my home town Edmonton, Canada, Malaga has grown at an alarming rate. For example, there was photo of our hotel building circa 1904 in the lobby. We were told that up until around 2000 Hotel California was the edge of the city.

To keep up, the city has invested in modernizations such the Malagueta beach walkway and a wide stretch of patios and parks along the port.

At the other end of Malaga’s many charms are its historical sites. For example, there is a Roman theatre built in the first century BC, under Emperor Augustus. It was surreal to sit there listening to a street performer singing a not-bad rendition of Leonard Cohen’s hallelujah.

The theatre and other ruins lie at the foot of the exquisite Alcazaba fortress castle, built by the Hammudid dynasty in the early 11th century. Furthermore, above that palace is Castillo Gilbrafaro, built in the 10th century by the Caliph of Cordoba. There’s no question that the gentle hike up the hill to see these sites is a type of time travel.

As well the ruins, the Malaga city is home to at least a dozen museums and art galleries. The Museo de Malaga, and houses 2,000 works in the fine arts section and 15,000 pieces in the archaeology rooms. Others arenarrower in scope such as the two Picasso museums we visited, a glass museum and a piano museum. It would be easy to spend more time in this seaside city.

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