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British Air First Class lounge, bar

British Air First Class lounge, restaurant

Waiting at the gate (36), toboard the plane

1. BA#53: My seat (2A) on British Air

2. BA#53: pulling away from the jetway

3. BA#53: looking out the window

3. BA#53: Champagne and nuts

4. BA#53: left over rose champagne, and a glass of Bordeaux, with...

5. BA#53: dinner is served, beef and vegetable broth

6. BA#53: steak and mushroom sauce dinner

7. BA#53: approaching Seattle area from the North

8. BA#53: Seattle

9. BA#53: Seattle, Lake Washington (home)

10. BA#53: Seattle, Mercer Island ......

Gus welcoming me home

Gus sleeping at my feet. :-) :-). <3

The alarm went off at 5:00a.m., this morning. Instead of Marina leaving first, like as always been the norm .. it is my turn to leave ahead of her. I was down at reception at 5:50a.m..... looking over my charges, and closing the account, after all the tallies, like mini bar and breakfast had been added. It was then the the concierge interrupted my departure toward the entrance of the hotel:

“Mrs. Knepper..... I am so sorry to tell you, but your driver may be 15-20 minutes late!”, he said informatively.

“What? No this can not be. I have to be at the airport not later than 7:00a.m., because of all the details like wheelchair, can be taken care of in plenty of time before my 9:00a.m. departure! If he as late as 20 minutes, this could be a real problem, if there is any kind of traffic between here and Heathrow!”

Marina, who had come down to say goodbye and tried to ease my fears: “Robin, it will be ok. You still have plenty of time — depending on traffic....”

The concierge offered coffee to both of us — Marina was overjoyed, and quickly accepted the concierge’s offer.

The hotel made a couple more cars to Btown’s Limo — yes, the driver was on his way — but not close to us yet.

By 6:30a.m., I was really concerned. I had to be at the airport in 30 minutes, and this is not possible, even if there was no traffic at all. I was becoming afraid that I might miss my flight.... Just as I was getting to the internally panic stage, the driver had arrived.

“Goodbye Marina!!! Thank you for all your help. Thank you for the extra time you and Jacques spent making sure that I was ok, and not left un-attended while walking off the boat.. Much love to you both!!!” :-( :-( :-(. I said quietly, as the tears were once again streaming down my face.... Meanwhile the hotel called the “meet and greet” people who were meeting me at the airport, to assist with wheelchair and baggage cart, thru check in, lounge, and on to the plane. They have been informed. Whew....

45 minutes later I arrived at Terminal #5. As we pulled up to the curb, I saw no wheelchair, meet/greet or wheelchair!! OMG! Now what do I do?? The very tardy limo driver, got on the phone, and called the number he had for the meet/greet. 10 minutes later a man shows up with a luggage wheelchair!.... he was not informed of a wheelchair.... I knew he was.... but let this lie go.... I had to get to check in !!! The meet/greet guy left me with the cart, so driver to load it, while he went for a wheelchair. He now had the wheelchair, and helped me in it — it would have helped if he had locked it, before I tried to get onto the chair! He said he was going to take the wheelchair and the luggage cart at the same time. Assuring me it was not problem at all..... he had done it before, many times. Lie #2. As it turns out, he went 30-40 feet with me, then ran back to get the cart. This see-saw effect went on until we got into terminal #5, just opposite the British Air First Class check-in. A maintenance man saw this odd maneuvering, and came to my rescue and wheeled me to the First Class check in — whilst the meet/greet dufus took the luggage. British air took the luggage from him, and gave it to the check-in people. Dufus then took me to the counter at a run, and ran the chair into the counter — “Ouch!!” was all I could say. Dufus did not apologize..... I really do not know

how this employee got hired. I do not think he had ever done this before. Hoping thru the priority lines, and getting the the First Class lounge was also a real hassle for this man. He dropped my off at a chair, and said he would be back after the gate was announced. (pic)


I had time to have just part of a coke, when Dufus returned. Gate #36.... we have to take a train.... o my.....

The train proved to be somewhat difficult for him to maneuver me. Once at the gate, it had changed.... and was at a different location. I told him this — but he had to verify with his supervisors. Yes, the gate had changed. He took me to the gate, and turned me over to the ground crew.... saying he could go no further.... 3rd and last lie....

Before he disappeared..... good riddance. (pic)


The boarding was in process when I arrived at the gate, and the British Air employees made sure I got down the jet-way to the aircraft door, where I walked from there to my seat — less than 30 feet. (pic)



While the rest of th plane was boarding I was offered champagne and nuts as an amuze bouche. (pic)

After the plane took off, the dinner service began (except for the time of day, they called it lunch service. (pic)




I watched a movie during my meal, and felt happy, full and sleepy, after my cheese plate......

After lunch, the cabin lights dimmed, and I cuddled up under a blanket with a pillow, and went sound asleep.

2 hours out of Seattle, the cabin lights came back on, and tea service, with scones and fresh fruit was brought to all of us. Turbulence was a issue the last few minutes of the flight, so as I was trying to take pictures out the port holes, my camera kept jumping the view. I think I got a couple of good pictures. Trying to get my house — no —

I saw #520 and #I-90, but we flew right over the top of my house, so I could not capture it. (pic)




A wheelchair met me at the jet-way, got me thru immigration, global entry, and baggage claim, without any issues at all. We met Seattle limo at baggage claim, so the 3 of us went to the car without any problem. The driver then took me to Paradise Pet Lodge, so I could get my Gus..... dropping both Gus and I home within a couple of hours of landing. Oh — H O M E!!!! (pic)


This is the very last entry of Europe 2018 with Milena!! Goodbye until next time.

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