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Set up for manicure and pedicure

Robin enjoying her manicure and pedicure

Lunch and Harrods pizza counter

The Diavola pizza

Champagne set up in the room for cocktails

Sharing glasses of change before dinner

1. Marina, enjoying Our last dinner in the RITZ dining room

2. Robin toasting with bellini our last dinner in the RITZ dining...

3. Our last dinner in the RITZ dining room, amuze bouche

4. Our last dinner in the RITZ dining room, roast lamb

5. Our last dinner in the RITZ dining room, crepe suisettes

6. Our last dinner in the RITZ dining room, the art of...

7. Our last dinner in the RITZ dining room, dividing up the...

8. Our last dinner in the RITZ dining room, enjoying the crepes

9. Saying goodbye to the lovely RITZ dining room

Last day in London........

Good morning to our last breakfast together for this vacation. Our time in London has been a lot of fun, with shopping, dinners and shows, and just trying to walk around. Today, Marina is going to have her berries and coffee, while I endulge myself with a manicure and pedicure. (pic)


After finishing her breakfast, and I was on my pedicure, Marina went to bank to take care of some business before returning to Rennes, and then a couple weeks after that, back to Milena (Cannes) for 10 days or so.

When Marina returned, and my toes were totally dry, we went to Harrods. We just had to have a pizza at their pizza counter before leaving town. (pic)


Our diavola pizzas were superb, as usual. Giggling at how this counter has changed over the last 10 years. Now 3 times bigger, and at a different location, not to mention the doing away with the baritone, who would be doing his “traviata” thing as the pizzas were being prepared and served. No baritone now — but the goodness of the pizzas has not changed.

Before going back to the hotel, Marina and I walked down St. James Street. Evidently her grandmother was born at home at #29 St. James. Interestingly enough — the facade of the house is still there from the 1880’s. #29 today is still owned by the same people that her grandmother knew, and it is one of the classiest, up-market pharmacy that has everything — and only a block away from the hotel.

Once back at the room, we showered, and dressed early, opened our last gift bottle of champagne, and partook with yet another glass of bubbly before going downstairs for dinner. (pic)


The lovely RITZ dining room was ready for us, and held our table, even though we were a few minutes late.

We ordered bellinis as soon as we sat down. They looked nothing like the Bellinis in either France or Italy. Different color, not quite as peachy flavorful, and had a green, oval melon type fruit attached to the side of the glass. I can;t tell you what fruit it was. I did not recognize it. (pic)



Before we knew it, our dinner service had begun with the amuze bouche. ( pic)



The lamb lamb was delicious, and both of us were stuffed, but had to make room for one last thing: crepe suisette. (pic)




We were delightfully over stuffed, so the walk back to the room was totally necessary. We pretty much went to bed right after we got to the room.

I was leaving bright and early in the morning. My British Air flight was leaving London at 9:20a.m. . I have to leave the hotel by 6:15a.m., in order to make my flight.

Nite, Nite.

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