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Nice to have a morning that we didn't have to get up to be heading somewhere. We had breakfast with a baby alpaca and goat.

Went for a walk to the tourist market to check out what souvenirs we will stock up on when we get back to cusco bit still had to buy some now in case.

Quick lunch back at the hotel before our action packed city tour. It started with a full explanation of the Cathedral Basilica that was all decorated with valuable paintings, gold, silver and precious stones. No photos were allowed inside and all the money for the entry ticket goes to the church.

Next was Koricancha an Incan astronomical observatory that contained the Temple of the Sun ( the most sacred in the Incan religion). Little remains today except for sections of walls as a library wad built on top of it, likely the Spanish were showing that their religion was replacing the pagan.

Next we drive to Sacsayhuaman, this shows how the Incan architecture was amazing and how the stones fit perfectly together without mortar. It took 100 years  to complete.

Tambomachay is thought to be a site to worship water as there is always a flow of fresh water.

Checked out a rock that had an alter inside when you climbed through that was cold as ice, thought to be used for mummification.

Back to Cusco town.

Went to check out a car called Norton that had a lot  of stickers and tshirts from motor cycle tours on the walls, bit decided not to stay too eat. Ended up at a fancy looking Italian restaurant that had an authentic Inca wall inside but the food was rubbish.

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