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Following breakfast we are all ready at 9am for our transfer to Siena, however it doesn't show until 10am - apparently the driver slept in!  Walter wouldn't have done that.  Not to worry, we still arrived in Siena in plenty of time for our guided tour.  

We met up with our Italian tour guide and although we had head sets, it was very difficult to hear her and her sing song Italian accent was a challenge for most of us.  

Among the sights visited were the Museo Civico in the Palazzo Public containing 13th century frescoes and the Piazza del Duomo with its black & white marble decoration was breathtaking.

We followed our guide throughout the city of Siena and had to stay close together as it was easy to get lost in the labyrinth of streets.  I was the 'sweep or back marker' which was a challenge as everyone wanted to take photos and shop in the delightful stores, and I had to make sure we didn't lose the lead.  Not really a favourite day for me as I felt bad herding everyone along and that was heightened when the eye rolling and scowls were sent my way.  

Finally we arrived at IL Campo - this is the heart of the city where the famous 'Palio' horse race takes place.  The surrounding Central core is entirely medieval in plan and appearance.  The 320ft Torre del Mangia bell tower dominates the area and I think Deedee and John even climbed to the top!  Bravo. 

Once at IL Campo, me and ma familia found a table and had a wonderful Italian lunch.  From here we went our separate ways and I found a quiet cafe to write my travel journal.  Getting closer to our meet time, Doris, then Rod, Charlene, Gail & Dave joined me.  It was, after all, Prosecco time!  Charlene ordered a glass of red wine and we were enthralled by the way our waiter poured it through an aerator attached to the bottle.  I ordered another glass so that we could video him pouring it.  Immediately we asked where we could purchase one to take home, and his comment was 'right here, an you can only get them in Siena'. €35 later we were proud owners of our very own Centellino!

Ok, time to reassemble and off we go through town and on the bus back to San Quirico.

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