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Our regular breakfast for 2, with the addition of avacado toast

This is the bedroom part of our room

Lunchtime at our daytime favorite spot

Fortnum & Mason: 1. Down to the lower level, and the wine...

Fortnum & Mason: 2. Three levels of shopping

Fortnum & Mason: 3. Food area

Fortnum & Mason 4. Food area: fruited candy counter

Fortnum & Mason 5. Food area: more fruited candy

Fortnum & Mason 6. Food area; close up of fruit and veggies

Piccadilly Arcade: now most men’s shops!

Marina: cheers to our pre-dinner

St. Moritz fondue dinner

We decided that we prefer breakfast in our room, as opposed to the main dining room. So today we added avacado toast to our regular order. (pic)


We lazed around our room this morning — it felt really good not to have any specific place we wanted to go by a specific time. Before we knew it — it was time for lunch. Rather than going out and trying to find some place to eat , we lazily had lunch in the room. (pic)

After lunch we went down Piccadilly to Fortnam and Mason. This is the classiest, up-market department store. I have loved it for years. Came to check out the Christmas decocations, and just “looksee”. (pic)




. (pic)


Had fun taking pictures of the glorious inside decor, before we left empty handed. Nothing of interest for me to buy. Next stop, the antique-type shops in the Picaddiilly Arcade. (pic)

For me this was disappointing. The majority of the shops were now Men’s shops. Nothing of real interest for me, or Marina. A fun outing, but no purchases of anything by either of us. By the time we got back to the RITZ, it was almost 5:00p., and we were being picked up for our theatre at 6:15p.m. This did not give us much time to bathe/shower and change — but we did, of course, have plenty of time for our pre-theatre cocktail from the last of the re-drinking of the delightful Pommerol. (pic)

Our ride to the theatre was pretty quick, compared to last night, when it took us 35 minutes. The show:

STRICKLY BALLROOM, was very well done. I chose it thinking of my favorite show “Dancing with the Stars”. This was a real spoof on that. The cockney English was not understandable for me, (or Marina for that matter)but it was not necessary. The two main characters (dance partners), were incrediable, and easier to comprehend. The characters were all just that ‘CHARACTERS’ with fabulously funny personalities. Yes — we both loved the show! It was great fun, gorgeous costumes, beautiful antics that had us wondering if a lot of this cast was double-jointed because of some of the moves they were performing flawlessly. Great show!!

So far the only ‘dud’ was GUYS AND DOLLS at the Royal Albert Hall.

Our driver was right out front of the theatre when we came out, and got us to St. Moritz in plenty of time to only be 20 minutes late..... and this could have been a 15 minutes walk. The traffic was horrendous.... but it always is after the theatre.

Our dinner, beef fondue, roasties, salad and chocolate fondue pre-ordered last night, in kindness for the kitchen closing hour. When we got there, a glass of red wine for each of us, with an accompanying salad was on the table, with the alcohol burner just waiting for the beef. (pic)

Our dinner was stupendous like it always is at this, my most favorite restaurant in the all of London! We totally stuffed ourselves, giggling, as we felt like we should be waddling to our waiting limo out front. We were back at the hotel in a matter of minutes, and we snuggled up in our beds, covered with huge duvets, as we watched a favorite James Bond movie.....

Nite nite.........

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