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I forgot to mention that Bo and Olinda have a new dog, a cute and rambunctious Catahoula mix that is a year old; still very much a puppy and strong as an ox. They had a knotted dog rope on spring that was hung from a tall tree. That crazy dog spent hours jumping for the rope! He also loved to chew, and immediately chewed my rubber door mat. It now has some decorative scalloped edges.

Anyway, everything was fair game, including our rubber electrical cord. Even with a shock collar, it was impossible to catch him every time he went for the cord, which he did when we got back yesterday. He didn’t bite through it, but did manage to pull it out from the outside plug. When Don plugged it back in we had some sort of a power surge, which meant we lost our 12 volt power. We went to bed that night thinking we had fried the converter, not a good thing.

So today , after a cold, dark night, Don spent some time trying to figure out what we needed. We were just about to decide we needed a new converter, when he found a breaker that had kicked off. (Never mind that he looked at this the day before, but fortunately was able to identify it today!) Problem solved, we were much relieved.

And Toby has decided to sleep by the door of our trailer. So the kitty spends most of her time guarding the door from the inside.

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