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Good Morning...... breakfast for two

Burlington Arcade, look up

Burlington Arcade: look at this watch

Burlington Arcade: look at these watches

Burlington Arcade: 1. Shoes

Burlington Arcade: 2. Shoes

Burlington Arcade: 3. Shoes

1. The Royal Albert Hall, stage view from our Box seats

2. The Royal Albert Hall, looking left from our box

3. 1. The Royal Albert Hall, looking right from our box

4. The Royal Albert Hall, looking left from our Box seat row

5. The Royal Albert Hall, champagne toast with Marina

6. The Royal Albert Hall, ‘hospitality service’. Would you like a canopy?

7. The Royal Albert Hall, ‘hospitality....’. Fresh tomatoes and burrata??

Our breakfast for two. This is what I call an “expanded selfie”, if you look in the mirror, I am definitely here. (pic)

Our breakfasts in London are very relaxing. We are not in a hurry to do or complete anything. The only project we have going for our day is Burlington Arcade. (pic)

After finishing our breakfast, we put on our coats, and were going to amble up Piccadilly to Burlington Arcade. I was surprised that I made the 3 + blocks and began the “Burlington stroll”, without any extra effort. I do so love this arcade, and spend a lot of time ‘window shopping’. (pic)



Then there was this fabulous shoe store. There is something so odd, and strange about their shoes — but you know I got glued to the window, and just had to take pictures of Whats being worn in London today. (pic)



What a truly fun day such popping in and out of shops, and drooling at the Burlington Arcade boutiques, which I so love. The afternoon was fleeting fast, and we had to get back to the hotel, to change for dinner and a show, before getting picked up at 6:15p. Both of us were so excited to have an evening, in a box, at the Royal Albert Hall. Our driver was on time, and whisked us to the Royal Albert Hall, in record time. We arrived 25 minutes before they would let us sit in our seats. We were wondering how they would let us know when we could adjourn to Box #41, when the loud speaker was telling all that “....”It is now possible for all of you to enter...the Royal Albert Hall is now open.” Marina and I made our way down the ‘boxes corridor’ to our #41. (pic)



. (pic)

. (pic)


Our meal service became with hot d’oeuvres and ended with a lovely dessert, which neither one of us took.... we were too full..... I must admit we never turned down a re-fill of the champagne. (pic)

. (pic)

There were three other courses, but they were all delivered during the show, when picture taking was prohibited.

Rose, the Theatre lady who helped me to the seat — return to help both of us exit safely to the waiting car which was out front in a cordined off area for cars. The barriers were removed, so that our car and driver could come up to the door and pick us up.

Our opinion of the show? Hmmmmm...... The music was absolutely phenominal. The play was weak. The actors just ok. The set? There was no set. There will be no next the CD and save the money. The show was not worth it, except for the music!

We got home even more swiftly then when we came to the theatre. Marina was having a very difficult time staying awake — so this was it was our sign, to retire to the room, and say goodnight.

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