Robin’s adventure in Europe 2018 travel blog

Vieux Port, Cannes, FR to London, England

London Heathrow to West London, Piccadilly

RITZ London, and our room on the 3 rd floor, facing Green...

Marina (and Robin in mirror) good morning breakfast

1. RITZ London, “the Ritz Club”. Sub-terranean

2. RITZ London, “the Ritz Club”. Sub-terranean, the ceiling decor

3. RITZ London, “the Ritz Club”. Sub-terranean, more ceiling decor

4. RITZ London, “the Ritz Club”. Sub-terranean, just us

5. RITZ London, “the Ritz Club”. Sub-terranean, Marina’s dinner

6. RITZ London, “the Ritz Club”. Sub-terranean, Robin’s artichoke soup

7. RITZ London, “the Ritz Club”. Sub-terranean, my steak & mushroom dinner

8. RITZ London, “the Ritz Club”. Sub-terranean, lucky bamboo

Gee, I forgot to show you my travel map yesterday, so I am showing it to you now. (pic)





Today was Marina’s first full day of vacation since May. Both of us had decided, that one full day in the room doing nothing but luxuriating with a massage for Marina and a manicure for me. But first of all, our room service breakfast. (pic)

The rest of the day we just hung around our room, reading and watching movies, until it was time to go to the theatre.

Our car and driver picked us up at 6:45p and by 7:00p we had arrived at the Prince Edward Theatre to see the musical production of ALLADIN. Our seats were in the Orchestra section, middle, four rows back from the stage.

Excellent seats. When the theatre staff saw me with a cane, we had Rose, to do interference for me, and show me to our seats. We had decided that Marina would go to the stalls bar, and get the drinks, and we would enjoy our pre-show libation from the seats. The theatre was packed, with an audience of all ages. By the time Marina got the drinks and weaved her way thru what appeared to be an orderly mob of people, she was grateful to be out of the turmoil:

“Oh my, Robin. I am so glad you were not with me. It is awful out there.” She said taking a breath of relief even as she plopped down in the seat. At the bar, they were out of cold champagne, so Sauvignon Blanc was Marina’s choice of drinks. “Oh, and wait til you taste the Sauvuignon Blanc..... it is horrible! And he even filled our glasses generously with this ugly tasting liquid!” Marina added, as we both slurped away. After my first shutter/shake of awful, it was barely drinkable. “Robin, the bartender promised me two really nice glasses for our interval drinking pleasure...” Marina said with a sigh of relief.

The production was wonderful, the staging incrediable, and the customs would have Disney proud. Our interval champagne was Don Perriet, so we were both happy bunnies with this part of our evening.

Once back at the RITZ, our dinner reservations were underneath the hotel at what they call ‘the Ritz club”. A very private, luxurious gambling club which caters to people with money who can afford to be there. As hotel guests we were allowed to enter, and have dinner in this most luxurious place. Once off the private elevator from the hidden entrance, I was asked to show id. Evidently there has been problems with gamblers who do not pay their bills/debt — so the policy is to take a photo of all entrees, and confirm identity with a passport or picture id.

After forfilling their new requirements, we were shown to our table, and enjoyed a fabulous dinner. (pic)




. (pic)

As I was taking pictures of our surroundings, the waiter came over to me.

“You are not allowed to take pictures of any guests here!” He said very authoritively.

I showed hm what I was taking, and as long as it contained no photos of customers, my discreet picture taking was ok. (pic)

. (pic)




After a wonderful dinner, we had after dinner drinks in the bar, and came back to our room, and flopped into bed.

What a great first full day in London.

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