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Bus to Lethem - 18 hour journey


Road to Lethem

Stuck in mud at 4:00 am

Rough road

Lethem Main Street

My friend Baby Girl

Baby girl

Bridge to Brasil

Bonfim Brasil

Takatu river between Guyana & Brasil

Baby Girl right before she bit me

Hostel kitten

Beechcraft back to Georgetown

Flying into Georgetown

ADA sign at airport

About 10 years ago on a previous Guyana trip we went south as far as Annai but this time we wanted to travel all the way to Lethem which is a border town only a few miles from Brasil. So we took a long and bumpy 18 hour ride crammed into a minibus with a dozen other people, a baby, and lots of large bags & boxes. Of course we got stopped at roadblocks every few hours with local police looking for “raises” (local vernacular for bribes) but Gordon and I had our papers in order and carried no contraband so we didn’t have to waste any money. We also got stuck in the mud at 4:00 am on the 200 mile long dirt highway and all passengers except for baby Gabrielle had to get out and push. It didn’t work so we finally just waited for another bus to come along and pull us out - but we still ended up having to push even using that other vehicle! What a mess. We found a nice hostel in dusty, hot, & windy Lethem that was run by an out-of-place Texan apparently hiding from some situation in the US. He was strange but the place was OK and he made us a nice breakfast each morning. He also had a pet monkey and kitten that played together all day and all night and were very entertaining. Both of their names were Baby Girl. I got along with the monkey just fine until she bit me on both arms, hard, for taking my water bottle from her. So that was that. The Texan said “not to worry” - he never got infections when she bit him and luckily I didn’t either. We walked to Brasil one morning before it got too hot and made it about a mile into the border town of Bonfim before turning around even though we weren’t checked by the immigration officers. It appeared people on both sides travel across the border every day for both school and work. After that rough bus ride we decided to bite the bullet and fly back to Georgetown (expensive!) where we spent a few more days before flying home.

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