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Good deals at Duty free at Guyana - Suriname border

Paramaribo market

Yum - chicken at market


Sidewalk vendor monkey

Street in front of our guesthouse

Paramaribo river

Accident on way back to Guyana

We finally acquired expensive tourist cards - but easier & cheaper than visas! - and traveled overland to Suriname for a few days. Started with 4 hour minibus ride in Guyana, then across a river by ferry, then another 4 hours by taxi in Suriname. Similar everything to Guyana but in Dutch. Ramshackle colonial structures in the capitol city of Paramaribo, ramshackle small homes in the countryside. But not as much trash which I appreciated. Almost all residences even had garbage cans out for collection which is very rare back in Guyana. We took a tourist bicycle ride & tour to an old plantation with a Dutch couple which was fun, but otherwise just walked around the city for much of our stay. Amazed at the great duty free prices at the river crossing - decent supermarket wine from Chile and Australia for only $4 US a bottle - the same wine sold in Georgetown for over $20 US a bottle (and for about $12 even in Florida). So naturally passengers were loading up - a group of women got Gordon to carry bags of booze for them since he & I were well under the limit.

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